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The high cost such as iron and steel can industry growth momentum puts delay

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On July 24, industry and informatization ministry release a report to say, high first half of the year this year cost can the growth momentum of the industry puts delay, industrial industry structure appears to change actively. Occupy industry to increase a value to restrict the 6 big high cost such as the iron and steel of 30% , nonferrous metal among them can industry industry increases a value to grow 14.5% compared to the same period, than going up fall after a rise of year of the corresponding period 5.6 percent.

This is the “ of industry and informatization ministry that finish first 3 reports that after deciding ” plan, issue. This report corrects by national hair before this appoint announce on quarterly press conference. But as national hair changes this year appoint industrial industry manages and informatization delimits about duty after industry and informatization ministry, latter quickened new-style industrialized pace.

The personage of industry and informatization ministry points out, second half of the year will take cogent and significant step, strengthen a business own innovation ability, stimulative industrialization and informatization confluence develop, advance hi-tech industry and development of equipment manufacturing industry energetically, high cost of further keep within limits can, industry of tall platoon discharged grows too quickly, increase a section to be able to be decreased discharge and wash out backward productivity strength, stimulative industry by become strong greatly.

According to the report that industry and informatization ministry issue that day, take high waste time first half of the year can industry of industry of the iron and steel of industry majority proportion, chemical industry, nonferrous metal increases a value to increase fast fall after a rise bigger. For instance steely industry grows 14.6% , add fast add under industry fast 1.7 percent; On increasing ratio year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 10.4 percent, add industry of prep above of extent of fast fall after a rise 8.2 percent. Other chemical industries, nonferrous metal similar also.

In a few high cost can industry growth puts assuasive at the same time, main high cost can index of product specific power consumption falls further. Nowadays year first half of the year, the bad news of petro-chemical industry stress such as ammonia of crude oil treatment, caustic soda, soda ash, calcium carbide, ethylene, synthesis can the unit specific power consumption of the product drops respectively compared to the same period 4.44% , 6.35% , 0.16% , 4.08% , 2.95% .

Industry and informatization ministry hold upbeat mood to this industry structural adjustment. In this minister Li Yi was in on July 23 analytic point out when industrial situation first half of the year, “ our hope is added fast a few high cost that fall can industrial amplitude falls morer, the increases industry of speed prep above average rate that we hope to develop manufacturing industry of industry of faster new and high technology, equipment to wait, this is us place of macroscopical adjusting control expects. ”
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