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Hermetic seal of our country fluid course of study should alarm industry of get

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Be opposite according to association of industry of weather strip of pneumatic of Chinese hydraulic pressure hydraulic pressure, hydraulic, pneumatic, sealed industry the statistic of 296 main businesses, 1 ~ in May, entire industry sales profit ratio 9.44% , produce and sale is led 97.38% , produce need to join good, the market lasts exuberant. Among them, gross value of industrial output finishs 6.151 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period rose last year 32.54% ; Industry sells production value to finish 5.99 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period rose last year 34.74% ; Achieve sales revenue 5. .40 100 million yuan, relatively the corresponding period rose last year 31.07% . In addition, there are 52 losses in 296 enterprises, deficit range 17.56% , balance of 296 companies profit and loss realizes gain five hundred and fifty-one million six hundred and thirty thousand yuan, grow 45.30% compared to the same period. In 296 enterprises, 83 profit specified number exceeds 1 million yuan, 23 gain exceed 5 million yuan.
Fall to good case continuously in trade situation, the expert inside course of study also reminds an enterprise to need to analyse the situation of second half of the year calmly, attention, vigilance affects a few big questions that the industry grows:

Countrywide bounds electric limits still is expanding, to the enterprise production is brought quite influence.

According to the report, the whole nation suffers be restricted the province city with noisy film, already by original long triangle, bead trigonometry area enlarges 24 provinces, city, municipality, and short-term inside solve hard. Below the circumstance that in production the task continues to grow, the enterprise should strengthen interior management, take all step, develop equipment ability adequately, will be restricted film noise falls lowest.
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