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Electro-hydraulic current situation of the development process of servo a powerf

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Foreign some hydraulic pressure and pneumatic magazine made the report of 12 pages to the circumstance of servo a powerful person at that time in Feburary 1959, showed the state that servo a powerful person develops flourishingly at that time. The manufacturer of the servo a powerful person that produces all sorts of types in those days has many 20. The hegemonic position that each production manufacturer produces to contend for servo a powerful person spread out drastically to compete. Review the history, can see a few manufacturer of ultimate score a success, a powerful person of two class servo that mass production has feedback and pitching moment motor. We can see, the servo a powerful person 1960 already had a lot of characteristics of contemporary servo a powerful person. Be like: The 2nd class forms closed-loop control to feedback of the first class; Use motor of dry type moment of force; Put level is opposite before the pressure of power level restores to be able to be achieved normally 50% ; The mechanical and symmetrical structure of the first class reduced the effect of change of temperature, pressure to null. In the meantime, by inchoate move continuously model what open loop controls a powerful person to develop change and come is straight move model two class a powerful person of closed-loop control servo already also appeared. The servo a powerful person at that time basically is used at martial domain, as the arrival of aerospace times, servo a powerful person is used extensively at spaceflight domain again, what develop a high reliability is redundant the most advanced product such as degree of servo a powerful person.

Meanwhile, expand what use an occasion as industry of servo a powerful person ceaselessly, development of certain production manufacturer went to use the industrial servo a powerful person at industrial situation technically. The product of a powerful person of 73 series servo that if Moog company rolled out the first 1963,uses for industrial situation only. Subsequently, more and more servo a powerful person or family that develop for industrial utility only appeared. They have the feature that be as follows: Larger volume is made with going to the lavatory; Body of a powerful person employs aluminous capable person (the Yi Ke when need uses rolled steel) ; Independent the first course is adjusted with going to the lavatory reach maintenance; Basically use in the low-pressure circumstance under 14MPa; Fashion product of seriation, standardization as far as possible. However the branch that Moog company is in Germany basically centers the applied circumstance of its servo a powerful person in high-pressured circumstance however, general actuating pressure is in 21MPa, some arrives even 35MPa, this makes the design of a powerful person only utilization reliability of overweight tall depressive. And be in as servo a powerful person of industrial situation apply extensively, each company all rolled out the respective proportioning valve that suits industrial situation to use. Its characteristic is low cost, control precision although a powerful person of servo of be not a patch on, but be not worth in order to make up for its through advanced control technology and advanced electronic device, make its function and effect approach servo valve. 1973, moog company presses the need that industry uses, change certain servo a powerful person into the interface of proportioning valve standard of industrial situation. Bosch development went his to indicate sexual efflux provides a powerful person or family of forerunner class and the flat that report feedbacks servo. 1974, a powerful person of servo of feedback of 3 form report that Moog company rolled out low cost, large flow. Vickers company developed pressure compensatory KG proportioning valve. The company developed etc of Rexroth, Bosch to use two coil to control core of a powerful person respectively the proportioning valve that two direction move is waited a moment.
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