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Electro-hydraulic current situation of the development process of servo a powerf

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One. Overview

Electro-hydraulic servo a powerful person is electro-hydraulic the crucial element in servo control, it is one kind accepts imitate report to believe date hind, the hydraulic pressure of the discharge that outputs modulation accordingly and pressure dominates a powerful person or family. Electro-hydraulic servo a powerful person has trends to answer precision of fast, control tall, service life is long wait for an advantage, what apply extensively already at the domain such as vessel of aviation, spaceflight, ship, metallurgy, chemical industry is electro-hydraulic in servo control system.

2. Develop a process

The history of technology of hydraulic pressure control is the earliest but restrospect to BC 240 years, gu Ai and a person send handleless cup of water of —— of servo of the first hydraulic pressure at that time. Be in however subsequently long historical stage, hydraulic pressure controls a technology to hesitate to move forward all the time, till 18 centuries end at the beginning of 19 centuries, just have a few significant progress. In eve of World War II, as the need that industry admits, technology of hydraulic pressure control appeared advance rapidly ground develops, principles of a lot of inchoate control a powerful person and patent all are the child of this one times. Be like: Askania adjuster company and Askania-Werke invention reach the patent that filed efflux to be in charge of principle of a powerful person. Same, foxboro invented the patent of principle of nozzle fender a powerful person. And palpability of hair of German Siemens company has the double input a powerful person that permanent magnetism motor and receiver instrument and telegraphic date input two kinds one kind, initiate sexual ground to use in aviation domain.

In evening of World War II, servo a powerful person is a powerful person of control of only course open loop that with solenoid core of direct drive a powerful person or family moves. Reach the need of martial application as the maturity that controls theory like that, the development of servo a powerful person and development gained huge success. 1946, british Tinsiey won the patent of two class a powerful person; Raytheon and palpability of Bell aviation hair take the two class a powerful person of feedback; The power that MIT exerts oneself to do sth. quadrature motor replaced solenoid to make motor is used up is less and degree of linearity is better. 1950, w.C.Moog invented only spray head the first times a powerful person of two class servo. Came 1953 between 1955, t.H.Carson invented mechanical feedback type a powerful person of two class servo; W.C.Moog invented double nozzle a powerful person of two class servo; Wolpin invented motor of dry type moment of force, disappear is in besides original dip the dependability issue that the pitching moment motor inside oily fluid brings by oily fluid pollution. R.Atchley used Askania efflux to was in charge of a principle to develop two class efflux to provide servo a powerful person or family 1957. Developed a powerful person or family of servo of feedback of 3 form report 1959.
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