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"915 " industry of weather strip of hydraulic pressure pneumatic grows an analys

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Economy of before our country already put forward this century 20 years grows a target, before the requirement 10 years 15 ” of the comprehensive “ that finish plan and 2010 target, make a big steps leading up to a house. The country will implement firm finance policy and monetary policy, hard compose builds socialistic harmony society, still be construction key with developing agriculture, irrigation works, the sources of energy, traffic, information, building, environmental protection to wait. The need that for this need a large number of machinery equip to develop in order to satisfy economy, these equipment need many hydraulic pressure pneumatic and weather strip to be its form a complete set. Additional, a large number of had mechanical equipment still need many maintenance to spare parts, accordingly, below will mix from the market that analyses equipment of main and relevant mainframe development trend proceed with, will forecast fluid calm sb's anger to move the foreground of demand of sealed product market.
(1) agriculture is mechanical
Chinese agriculture, already entered the new level of a historic development, in quite long henceforth period, dilate of agricultural service territory, industrialization is managed, can develop continuously and revolution of new agricultural science and technology, the 4 big trends that make progress of our country agriculture and driving force. As the adjustment of the development of our country agriculture and rural economics structure, to level of mechanization of farming the demand rises ceaselessly, demand limits expands ceaselessly. The wheaten exercise mechanization in already growing line of business by the tradition now is extended to mechanization of operation of paddy, corn; By traditional cultivation mechanization plows mechanization development to protection; Produce machinery to produce mechanical progress to the economic crop such as oil-bearing crops, cotton by grain crop; By cultivate course of study to machine agriculture of course of study, establishment to wait to course of study of vegetables of stock raising, aquaculture, fruit, park line of business, produce outspread. Accordingly, foreground of development of demand of agricultural machine market is very bright. Predict according to concerning, to 2010 big in horsepower tractor year demand amounts to 100 thousand about, the combine harvester is 50 thousand, among them paddy mower makes an appointment with stage of 20 thousand standard, corn mower makes an appointment with stage of 10 thousand standard. Additionally of all kinds agriculture has an amount mechanically also increasing ceaselessly, predict 2010, big in horsepower tractor has a quantity to amount to 1.45 million about, the combine harvester amounts to 520 thousand about, farm infrastructure machinery makes an appointment with 150 thousand, animal husbandry harvests machinery to make an appointment with 200 thousand. Accordingly, for farming herd machinery form a complete set, maintenance uses the market demand of weather strip of hydraulic pressure pneumatic to have very big growth.
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