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With lead plane development is out of line

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In recent years, the posture of swift and violent development makes trade of equipment of our country machinery bandit of benefit of hydraulic pressure industry is shallow. “ presses the statistic of concerned branch, production value of hydraulic pressure industry achieved many yuan 200 2007. The Yangtse River of famous expert king says inside ” course of study, if “ is added not statistic inside manufacturer of a batch of civilian battalion, total production value should exceed 25 billion yuan, grow 28% compared to the same period. ”

International experience tells us, an a kind of technology, product and a domain can be able to develop, because have the market,the most important is. The market of component of “ hydraulic pressure is in China. Accordingly, the prospect that technology of Chinese hydraulic pressure develops also is hopeful certainly. ” Wang Changjiang is dye-in-the-wood to this confidence.

But the problem that exists at present in the light of hydraulic pressure industry, still cannot satisfy the need that lead plane admits especially, wang Changjiang not without be anxious. He mentioned one word of ” of “ unity is strength for many times, its urgent situation is in overtones. The backward situation of industry of hydraulic pressure of “ our country, urgent need issues unity is strength on the industry, need production company, user and fluctuation swim industrial solidarity of one mind, unity is strength. ”

Industry of backward hydraulic pressure lacks the concept market support

Wang Changjiang listed a few numbers: Our country engineering is mechanical 2007 foundation entrance forehead exceeded 1.8 billion dollar, 37% what occupy project machine to import gross.

“ if hydraulic pressure industry grows 28% only, how should it satisfy the development of our country manufacturing industry? Who will to project machine offer hydraulic pressure element? How does ceaseless and protracted date of delivery let leader plant participate in competition in the market again? ” Wang Changjiang asks even a running fire.

If say a century 80 time, the laggard performance of industry of our country hydraulic pressure is producing a method to go up; 90 time, the problem of the industry basically is behaved lag behind for system and level of management. “ arrived 21 centuries, the industry is a concept market reaction ability is backward, backward. ” Wang Changjiang expresses.

All along of business of hydraulic pressure industry of our country pays attention to the research and development of the product quite, but it is its change commodity carelessly; Pay attention to the addition of turnover quite, but carelessly the flow direction of the product; Pure the development that pays attention to hydraulic pressure, but be united in wedlock electro-hydraulicly carelessly; Pay attention to the product quality that is base point with leaving factory to control only, but manage in order to use for the quality of base point carelessly; Pay attention to deal with concrete matters relating to work quite, be in him fixed position simply “ is cheap on ” level, however oversight long-term strategic program, although have the idea that makes oneself company into outstanding supplier, but lack to it suitable measure.
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