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Competition ability of sealed product market increases our country hydraulic pre

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Hydraulic pressure technology permeates a lot of domains, be in ceaselessly civil industry, in machine tool, project the industry such as mechanical, metallurgy machinery, plastic machinery, aricultural machinery, car, shipping gets substantially application and development, and development is become incorporate transmission, control and a when detect inside complete automation technology. Nowadays, the rate that uses hydraulic transmission already made one of important marks that measure standard of industry of a nation. The transfer matic of the of 95% project machine that produces like the developed country, numerical control machining center of 90% , 95% above used fluid drive technology.
In recent years, calm sb's anger of our country fluid moves sealed industry to hold to a technology to progress, accelerate new product development, obtain favorable result, emerge in large numbers gives products of a batch of new and high technology that provide distinguishing feature each. Of place of Beijing machine tool use formula continuously electro-hydraulic a powerful person of overflow of low noise scale of company of Electromechanical of hydraulic pressure of industry of energy of servo a powerful person, Hangzhou (own patent) , of company of Ning Bohua fluid electro-hydraulic scale pressure flow valve (already patent application) , all be the product of new and high technology of Electromechanical unifinication, already threw batch production, obtained better economic benefits. The pump of force plunger of constant power variable of company of group of hydraulic pressure of boreal capital heart, fill country is big blank that measures force plunger pump, apply to the form a complete set of the large whole set of equipment such as metallurgy, v, mine. Tianjin spy seminal fluid presses the pump of 3 kinds of gear of Inc. , have a structure novel, volume is minor, be able to bear or endure high pressure, noise index of low, function is advanced wait for a characteristic. The pump of high-powered gang gear of limited company of casting die of Yu second fluid, can use extensively at the domain such as machinery of project, metallurgy, mine. Additional, the maximum pressure that still has company of Guangdong wide fluid is high-powered lamina pump, peaceful limited company of institute of technology of the assembly of extrahigh voltage tube of the company, pneumatic that do not have stannum is Boyonghua all sorts of WPI that accuse equipment complement oneself are new-style air cylinder series is very distinctive new product.
Add the new condition after WTO to answer our country, each enterprise quickens industry of our country hydraulic pressure science and technology innovates, promote product market competition ability ceaselessly, a batch of high grade products are national major project and form a complete set of key lead plane successfully, gain better economic benefits and social benefit.
Tianjin town essence of life grinds the natural gas of limited company of project machine transmission carries equipment of hydraulic pressure of conduit product line is a country enrage on the west east the fixture of form a complete set that transports a project; Kind brook Bo Geman is sealed the W of high temperature high pressure of data company twine spacer, use successfully on hydrogenation cracking device now; Factory of Dalian fluid casting die and Shanxi grow those who manage plant of fluid casting die to change blade to pump, it is medium, heavy-duty car changes a system to medium crucial part, at present year of crop of two factories already amounted to 100 thousand above; The new-style combination of sealed company of Qingdao radical Po is two-way and sealed and large preventing turbid oil seal is to be one steam to liberate a card respectively the weather strip of 9 tons of cars and lug tractor form a complete set; In addition what the device of static fluid drive of Inc. of hydraulic pressure of Tianjin spy essence and banked direction control valves, lake city gives birth to company of power fluid casting die is muti_function the hydraulic pressure pumping station of company of positive hydraulic pressure of the air pressure-relief valve of the combined pressure regulating valve of company of cell of pneumatic of pilot valve, power sea, Guizhou maple and hydraulic pressure, get of the user reputably.
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