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The energy-saving control of hydraulic pressure grab develops a tendency

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In domain of hydraulic pressure grab, energy-saving pilot purpose is to raise fuel utilization rate not just, more principal port depends on can obtaining a series of effects that reduce use cost. The data shows, the breakdown of near 40 % comes from project machine hydraulic pressure system, the breakdown that 15 % controls comes from engine. After using energy-saving technology, can raise the utilization rate of engine power, reduce loss of power of hydraulic pressure system, make dynamical system and laden place need power to match better, reduced the working intensity of engine and hydraulic pressure component, raised the dependability of equipment in use. From the point of state of affairs of domestic and international development, the energy-saving control of hydraulic pressure grab has tendency of the following development: 1 ) electro-hydraulic scale control intelligence is changed electro-hydraulic scale control is at the beginning of 80 time begin to apply at project machine, arrived to had received a large number of application on hydraulic pressure grab at present. Electro-hydraulic scale technology is used at project machine, can the hydraulic pressure signal with complex, enormous leave out delivers pipeline, the signal that use phone delivers hydraulic pressure parameter, not only can accelerate a system to answer, and make control of system of whole grab power more convenient, quick. After entering 90 age, as the development of computer technology, electro-hydraulic scale is controlled further “ intelligence changes " , electro-hydraulic the application of scale pump and proportioning valve increasingly grow in quantity, appeared thereby “ intelligence changes ” of hydraulic pressure grab. This kind of intelligence changes main body to show in the following respects. Above all, the computer can monitor the moving parameter of hydraulic pressure system and diesel engine automatically, wait like rotate speed of pressure, diesel engine, and can according to these parameter automata system of whole grab power moves in efficient and energy-saving condition. Next, can complete a few semi-automatic operations, the nap that is like flat, brae, ask to reduce to the driver's competence, but working quality can get rising substantially however. The 3rd, the moving parameter that can arrive according to monitoring undertakes breakdown is diagnosed, the maintenance of facilitating grab. The occurrence of these functions, make grab function is able to rise substantially. 2) control of gush of diesel engine report is on traditional mechanical timing diesel engine, the circular fuel delivery of fuel injection pump, fuel injection shifts to an earlier date horn be affected by rotate speed, make diesel engine function rises further hard. After gush of report of the application on diesel engine is controlled, can make the circular fuel delivery of pump and fuel injection shift to an earlier date the effect that horn suffers rotate speed no longer, make grab can work all the time thereby in groove, and accelerated answer speed. Developing controller of gush of diesel engine report is to raise grab a of energy-saving sex important segment. 3) bear passes feeling control to will continue to develop bear to pass feeling control from 20 century 70 time begins arisen, manufacturer of casting die of fluid of each project machine rolled out a series of related goods in succession. This kind of system has good energy-saving sex and maneuverability, although the driver of inexperience also can suit very quickly. Scale discharge allocated the occurrence of a powerful person to drive bear to send the feeling technology application on grab further, make grab maneuverability rises further, solved the problem that western country brings as a result of the lack of skilled driver. Accordingly, bear passes feeling control grab to will rise further in the demand of the developed country. 4) although surrive of 6 banked direction control valves uses the bear of 4 a powerful person to pass feeling system to be able to provide accurate operation, but be not all circumstances to need to be operated accurately, and skilled driver also can pass feeling system grab to complete accurate operation with blame bear. More important is, bear sends feeling system price taller, restricted its application in the developing country. Current, a lot of famous grab manufacturers on the world, there is the bear that uses 4 a powerful people to pass feeling control grab already in its product, also have be like,use system of hydraulic pressure of 6 a powerful person the grab of discharge, negative flow control. Mature production technology and low price will make 6 banked direction control valves continue to produce effect. 5) in improving a powerful person to control the hydraulic pressure system that energy-saving control is using 6 banked direction control valves further, still have a lot of places that can improve, wait like maneuverability, energy-saving sex, up to now manufacturer of foreign each grab still is studying. 6) muti_function combination is improve grab performance, the union of all sorts of energy-saving measure will be more extensive. Be in before in the system, on hydraulic pump already compositive have a variety of functions, but the limitation as a result of all sorts of conditions, do not exceed 3 kinds commonly. If pursue 14 in in shows hydraulic pump, compositive pressure is cut off, flow control and power limitation function, at present all sorts of more popular hydraulic pump principles on the market pursue medium, compositive also have a variety of functions. As the development of hydraulic pressure technology, go up in pump likely compositive more functions. 7) the laden requirement that variable parameter control issues to make grab gets used to all sorts of operating mode better, dynamical system is a few more internal the set parameter that controls element will be fixed cost no longer, can have body job state as grab however and change. For example, the grab of e x series that establishs engine production stands to go up in day, bear passes the pressure compensator on feeling a powerful person to set pressing difference can follow working situation and be changed, enhanced the adaptability when grab works. Can forecast, in the grab power system in the future, will more control parameter can adjust, make dig mechanic to make efficiency thereby it is taller, easier to operate. 8) pump — engine matchs control to turn farther “ intelligence computer of ” have the aid of to control a technology, of pump and engine match control to will realize “ intelligence to change ” further, both the union between will be closer, realize unifinication control. In this kind of control, controller can the change according to working state, undertake automatically adjustment to hydraulic pump and engine, in assure to output power while contented job needs, make fuel wastage lowest. 9) technology of spot bus line and embedded the system will apply what change ” rate as intelligence of “ of hydraulic pressure grab to rise in great quantities, all sorts of sensor, controller will spread all over grab everywhere, this will bring about grab interior to be full of all sorts of lead, connect, make control a system to become complex, dependability is reduced. The method that solves this one problem is to introduce spot bus line, with serial line mixes all sensor, controller carry out implement join rises, in make sure the system has powerful function while, have simple structure and high reliability. Current, walking mechanical domain, had had bus line of such a kind of spot, call bus line of c a n , but had not gotten applied generally on grab. The development of electronic technology makes the bulk that controls chip smaller, the function is stronger, occupy any spaces scarcely on grab, can embed completely all sorts of components are in-house, this also is in the future the development direction of grab control system.

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