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Steely weekly: Olympic Games drawing near

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India plans to prohibit iron ore and flat steel exit. Combine steely network news according to China, the press of Indian much home reported on July 18, committee of secretary of Indian government cabinet offers recently, if at present flat steel price cannot be stablized, the government raises the consideration to flat steel exports duty or prohibit further flat steel exit, supply in order to increase market of domestic flat steel. In addition, imprint the export tax that the government still will consider to improve long steel product further, and dug prohibits the possibility that iron ore exports. The report says, since this year January, price of Indian iron and steel already rose 50% , and Indian inflation rate already was achieved 11.9% , since achieving 13 years many new tall. India is steely before Feburary this year FOB of domestic price prep above exports the price, from the government at 4, after implementing a series of finance interpose measures May, price of home of Yin Gang iron just falls somewhat, and under export price.

Crop of global crude steel is added compared to the same period first half of the year 5.7% . According to news of network of China business affairs, association of international iron and steel (statistical data of 18 days indicates IISI)7 month, first half of the year, the whole world basically produces total output of steel country and area crude steel 66 times to be six hundred and ninety-six million and fifty-five thousand tons, grow 5.7% compared to the same period. First half of the year, european Union crude steel crop is 27 countries one hundred and eight million four hundred and sixty-eight thousand tons, grow 0.1% compared to the same period; Alone crop of couplet body crude steel is sixty-four million and forty-nine thousand tons, grow 2.7% compared to the same period; Crop of North America crude steel is sixty-nine million and ninety-five thousand tons, grow 4.9% compared to the same period; Crop of Asian crude steel is three hundred and ninety-one million two hundred and seventeen thousand tons, grow 8.2% compared to the same period. The day that the whole world basically produced steel country and area crude steel 66 times June all crop is 3.959 million tons, grow 5.9% compared to the same period, annulus comparing grows 2.3% , achieve the history again new tall.

Head many 150 enterprise such as steel makes preparation of stop production of good Olympic Games. According to news of network of China business affairs, zheng Jiang expresses deputy director general of bureau of Beijing environmental protection, the key enterprise such as metallurgy, building materials, petrifaction and industry, during making detailed Olympic Games, time-out is produced and reduce a program. During industry of many 150 heavy pollution has done good Olympic Games, time-out prepares. Head steel head office 05, after 6 the end of the year stop blast furnace, Jiao Lu, in succession stop production pass an imperial examination of machine of 4 2 4 date, blast furnace, agglomeration 3 steelworkses, had finished control the job that produces 4 million tons of iron and steel, during the Olympic Games, head steel still will suspend 3 blast furnace, the 2nd steelworks of the manufacturing facilities such as machine of 2 a converter, agglomeration move, have production every months by 200 thousand tons of steel, reduction of output is made an appointment with 70% .
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