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Development of Chinese metals market enters benign loop period

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As the United States second the outbreak that borrows the crisis, vietnam economy high inflation, raw material rises ceaselessly, chinese metals company is confronting unprecedented challenge, because partial enterprise cannot assume raw material to rise, manpower cost rises wait for a series of elements, and chose to close a business directly, changing Chinese hardware products to be in the brand image China with cheap and fine international market gradually hardware industry dimensions big, trademark is well-known ability of degree of tall, innovation and taste the company with development strong capability newly to express in succession, be in what just go 2007, the benefit of the enterprise is first-rate, broke sale of in former years to jump over big gain specified number to jump over small state even. The product that they produce satisfies the cycle that offer money, productivity and the base that produce character amount to go up in the international market, there also was the room of the negotiation with the foreign trader on the price, entered better development course. No matter be domestic metals market or international metals market, all present the development momentum that gave to tilt to big company, old brand, and this kind of impetus still will be behaved more apparently 2007. Chinese hardware already entered the benign loop period of discard of bad of high price for good quality, superior.

Below this kind of state, the industry is undertaking new round shuffle, superior bad discard. On one hand, metals company will take the additional cost that will promote a product through promoting a product innovation capability seriously more; On the other hand, urgent need passes metals company to change the effect that administration will offset cost promotes and causes to company profit ability subtly. The element of this two respects makes make an enterprise take informatization seriously to build more on one hand, on the other hand, also raised taller requirement to Wu of the product of informatization manufacturer, executive kimono. Accordingly, inevitable also meeting brings about the superior bad discard of manufacturer of manufacturing industry informatization. Manufacturer of metals company informatization wants to come true can develop continuously, must undertake a product innovation, management innovates and serve innovation.

The success of enterprise informatization carries out the information that can safeguard an enterprise expedite; Of the command system with high proficiency that ensures an enterprise run; The success that ensures company strategy is carried out, advantage is self-evident. However, the executive road of enterprise informatization is not plain sailing however, however risk heavy, bramble is densely covered, the neglect of any link causes beyond recall loss possibly.

complex issue simplification, it is the target of angle of place of company technology innovation, to informatization is carried out below different industry pattern, the structural frame of enterprise informatization system that the company put forward “ to unite ” of portal, unified platform, uniform standard, and around research and development gives couplet enlighten product of I series software, use at natural resources of integrated company information, the framework goes out rich, applicable enterprise informatization application.
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