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Development of industry of pneumatic of our country hydraulic pressure reachs a

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One, develop course

Our country hydraulic pressure (contain hydraulic, similarly hereinafter) , pneumatic and course of development of weather strip industry, can divide roughly for 3 phase, namely: 20 centuries arrive at the beginning of 50 time at the beginning of 60 time to start level; 60~70 time produces systematic growing level to specialization; 80~90 time is rapid development phase. Among them, hydraulic pressure industry produces copy from machine tool industry at the beginning of 50 time revive the fluid drive such as lathe of grinder, broaching machine, profile modeling starts, hydraulic pressure component is produced by the hydraulic pressure workshop of machine tool factory, produce for private use oneself. After entering 60 age, the application of hydraulic pressure technology popularizes the field such as agricultural machinery and project machine gradually from the machine tool, add the some of hydraulic pressure workshop that belongs to leader plant to come out independently so, become manufacturer of major of fluid casting die. Arrived at the beginning of 60 time end, 70 time, as the progress that produces mechanization, waiting for those who supply equipment of efficient, automation to be driven for the 2nd automobile factory especially, the situation that manufacturing industry of hydraulic pressure component appeared to develop quickly, a batch of medium and small businesses also become manufactory of major of fluid casting die. Component of Chinese hydraulic pressure produced per year a quantity to already was close to 200 thousand 1968; The industry waited in machine of machine tool, agriculture machinery, project 1973, the professional plant that produces fluid casting die already developed more than 100, produce per year a quantity to exceed 1 million, a manufacturing industry of independent fluid casting die is preliminary already form. At this moment, product of fluid casting die already from copy revive the product that product development combines to introduce technology and photograph of proper motion design, pressure develops to medium, high pressure, developed electro-hydraulic servo a powerful person and system, domain of hydraulic pressure application expands further. Enrage those who move industry to start a bit later than hydraulic pressure a few years, begin to build plant of pneumatic component major to 1967, pneumatic component just regards commodity as production and sale. Contain mechanical and rubber-plastic and sealed, sealed and flexible the weather strip industry with sealed black lead, 50 time Chu Congsheng produces the extruding such as common O circle, oil seal rubber-plastic and sealed start with asbestine sealing article, arrive at the beginning of 60 time, begin to develop production mechanical and sealed and flexible black lead is sealed wait for goods. 70 time, in light formerly change place of ministry, one machine ministry, agriculture machinery ministry to belong to a system inside, a batch of professional manufacturers hold water in succession, form an industry formally, the development that is weather strip industry grows laid a foundation.
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