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"915 " demand of trade of weather strip of hydraulic pressure pneumatic is forec

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(1) market demand was forecasted 2010

According to above market of product of each lead plane forecasts and grow trend analysis:

It is, mainframe demand will carry 10% or so increase rate, among them the engineering such as bulldozer is machinery of grab, fork-lift truck, road, mechanical, big in spin machine of machine tool of horsepower tractor, combine harvester, new-style agriculture machinery, numerical control, model and metallurgy, gently, the demand such as electron and package machine will increase significantly. Lead plane is improve its performance ceaselessly, hydraulic pressure changes rate year after year to rise, use drive of hydraulic pressure pneumatic and the amount that control device to increase ceaselessly, product of many joint ventures needs product of high level form a complete set.

2 be, lead plane has amount year after year to increase. 80, the mainframe that 90 time import enters maintenance peak in succession, accordingly, maintenance can have increase significantly. The hydraulic pressure pneumatic that importing in, about 30% spare parts with Yu Weixiu.

3 be, as a result of the flying development of electronic industry, Information Industry, auto industry, pneumatic component demand will have remarkable growth.

4 be, fluid calm sb's anger changes the outcome of sealed component and system, have in recent years relatively substantially growth, especially after our country joins WTO, domestic and international market is farther shirt-sleeve, add, weather strip of hydraulic pressure pneumatic will follow lead plane form a complete set to export.

The pace is calculated first, predict country is right 2010 amount of hydraulic pressure, hydraulic, pneumatic, sealed product requirement, will by 25 billion yuan of 2005 (contain an entrance to restrain 1 billion dollar, export nearly 300 million dollar) , add reach 45 billion yuan (contain an entrance to make an appointment with 1.5 billion dollar, exit to restrain 500 million dollar) , among them, hydraulic pressure is added by 15 billion yuan reach 26 billion yuan, hydraulic by 1 billion add reach 2 billion yuan, pneumatic is added by many yuan 40 reach 9 billion yuan, sealed add by many yuan 40 reach 8 billion yuan, market demand foreground is hopeful, detailed sees next tables.

2005, domestic fluid calm sb's anger moved demand of sealed product market to forecast a watch 2010

Pneumatic of hydraulic of hydraulic pressure of name of serial number trade is sealed and aggregate engineerings of 20052010200520102005201020052010200520101 agricultural machinery 1730 3620362 are mechanical machinery of mine of metallurgy of 712 1.53129.5175 of plastic machinery of 610 1.53239.5164 of 53115481224601293 machine tools 122023.53.5612.518.5326 petro-chemical machinery car of 24 2511.5510.512 of machinery of food of 26 2611 of electron of 24 2411.559.510 of package machine of 24 249 of machinery of spin of 3511.51.53237.512.57 light industrial and mechanical 24 2411.559.58, medicine 81412251838295913
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