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Product of our country mechanical weather strip selectives examination percent o

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Recently, total bureau of national qualitative check announced 29 kinds when to 7 provinces, municipality directly under the Central Government 29 enterprises produce (do not involve exit product) quality of product of mechanical weather strip controls the outcome that selective examination. Sampling percent of pass of product objective quality is 99.5% . The product of 3 unqualified enterprises by exposure, they are machinery of accept of gold of lukewarm mountain city pump of report of go under water of weather strip plant uses machine of city of mechanical and sealed, lukewarm state ripple of balata of weather strip factory is in charge of treasure of mechanical and sealed, Ning Bo and weather strip to make ripple of limited company balata the canal is mechanical and sealed. The province city that selective examination includes Tianjin, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Shaanxi to wait. Selective examination the basis recommends JB/T4127.1-1999 of sexual state level " condition of mechanical and sealed technology " , JB/T6619.1-1999 " condition of light-duty and mechanical sealed technology " , JB/T6373-1992 " solder metallic ripple provides condition of mechanical and sealed technology " , GB/T14211-1993 " method of mechanical and sealed experiment " , JB/T6619-1993 " light-duty machinery sealed try, public errand of annulus of the flatness of horniness seal ring to product of mechanical weather strip, black lead and leakage of canal of 4 fluorine ripple, main part, air-tightness, static control test leakage rate, movement 7 projects such as wear extent of experiment of test leakage rate, movement undertook examining.

Selective examination to make clear as a result, it is to pass a country to supervise selective examination promoted industry quality awareness rise, strengthened quality management, annulus of the flatness of horniness seal ring that selectives examination this, black lead and 4 fluorine ripple are public errand of tubal leakage, main part, static press test leakage rate to wait for project individual event to accord with rate achieve 100% . 2 it is the market it is better to have quality of product of large-scale production company, place check project achieves the requirement that national level sets entirely.

The main quality problem that in selectiving examination, discovers is:

Leakage rate of test of movement of 1. individual product is unqualified

Standard regulation, when sealed medium is a liquid, the average leakage rate that mechanical and sealed movement experiments: Axis (or axle sleeve) when external diameter is not more than 50mm, leakage rate is not more than 3ml/h; Axis (or axle sleeve) when external diameter is more than 50mm, leakage rate is not more than 5ml/h. There is individual product in selectiving examination locomotive test leakage rate is unqualified. When among them movement of a kind of product experiments, because of balata ripple the canal ruptures and produce gush leakage, cause movement to experiment cannot proceed. Diameter of another kind of axis is 35mm product, the oldest average leakage rate in measuring time unit each is 31.5ml/h, exceed the requirement that the standard sets.
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