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Dug of tendency of the market of machine of Chinese small-sized project

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Editor's note: Regard Chinese project foundation as the one part of the market, small-sized engineering is mechanical all the time since it is to be in the one part that is ignored, no matter be production,business, agent or agency or are purchaser, small-sized project machine is not the focal point that they consider normally. The thinks small-sized engineering is mechanical generally market inside course of study is very small, what did not extend is necessary, also fluctuate in this market rarely then kongfu. But some closer year come, advance what build as the development of our country economy and new rural area stage by stage, market of small-sized project machine has lived to capriole comes and be shown gradually gave exuberant lease of life, use their bulk to be carried smally, easily, use, the characteristic with very convenient maintenance, machine of very much small-sized project has begun to developed its individual action to replace large project machine product gradually in certain domain in construction. The article plans to make from inside the analysis of rigid to our country small-sized project market the personage inside course of study can have sufficient understanding to be inspired somewhat to its.
One, market current situation
From last centuries since 90 time, the high speed that accompanying Chinese economy develops, the industry also entered project machine of China to send exhibition period quickly. And in last few years, small-sized project machine serves as a promising young person, in construction, begin to be replaced partly large and medium-sized mechanical position, get the general welcome of the user, in the meantime, small-sized project develops also be Chinese national condition mechanically to reflect. This, from in last few years the project also sees one spot in the development trend of rigid market. China is an agricultural big country, the farmer holds the great majority of countrywide total population, rural development is to matter to Chinese economy to develop the Chongzhongzhi of overall situation to weigh, especially in last few years, the country begins the heart that economy grows to the country to tilt stage by stage from the city, construction of new rural area is more promoted a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position it.     
2007 is project machine a year when the industry counts year of high speed to grow posture to begin fall after a rise continuously, but, this year, the small-sized project machine that is ignored all the time waves in all fronts however red, enter rapid growth period. The manufacturer of a lot of pain that suffer macroscopical adjusting control and raw material to rise in price, especially medium and small businesses is swarmed into eagerly, expectation is small-sized project mechanical energy makes new profit point of growth quite. The countrywide agriculture machinery that October held in Hefei last year orders goods on the meeting, small-sized project machine is become exhibit the one large window of the meeting, the small-sized fork-lift truck that appears merely and brand of mining fork-lift truck exceed 100.
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