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Prospective our country will build the whole world the biggest base of phone of

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Negotiate finally, in square, 160 experts; Beautiful square, 53 people; Last a period of time 4 months.

The technology transfers a document, already received 12967 at present, case 475, heft 8.4 tons.

Light sees a number, people can'ts help curious: What project so does “ weigh ” ?

That is the 3rd generation that China introduces technology of ——AP1000 of nuclear cable technology.

Current, group of electric machinery of 4 AP1000 nucleuses, respectively settle Zhejiang is mixed 3 times Shandong sea is in relief. After 5 years, 3 hopeful become the base of phone of 3 acting nucleuses with the largest whole world.

Why be AP1000

—— is current international is photogenic right the the most advanced, safest and most nuclear cable technology of economy

Go up century, 3 island and nuclear power plant of benefit of shellfish of the Nuo that cut Er produced casualty. Hematic lesson makes concentrated force of group of world nucleus cable measures pair of accident precaution, consequence to alleviate etc undertook consider and tackling key problem.

The United States and Europe publish “ advanced light-water to pile file of user requirement ” and “ Europe user to pile the requirement ” file of nuclear power plant to light-water early or late, be on guard clearly to solve casualty with delay, raise sex of on the safe side and the requirement that improve a person to wait for a respect because of the project. On international call the series of nuclear electric machinery that satisfies one of these two files normally group of electric machinery of the 3rd acting nucleus.

At present more mature 3 generation press water to pile nuclear cable technology to have the United States the AP1000 that electric company develops house on the west, France and the EPR that Germany develops jointly.

Latter is increase to establish safe system only with aggrandizement on the foundation of 2 generation. Such result is security rose really, but system of nuclear power plant is more and more complex, cost also rises accordingly. This is the technical course that place of law heart EPR takes. Former technology course is from go up at all innovation, use the order of nature to ensure safety. Use namely gravitational, inertial, the convection of the fluid, evaporate, the principle such as condensation, the design goes out not to need to establish the system of dynamical source drive only. This is the “ blame that AP1000 place uses the technical course of system of active ” security, simplified already system, reduced equipment and the part such as lash-up safety power source, enhanced security greatly again.

“ so, tell from the technology, the is not active technology course to compare EPR active technology course of AP1000 is remarkable and advanced. Academician of the total stylist of nuclear power plant of hill of the Qin Dynasty that design of the first proper motion of ” our country builds, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Mr Ou Yangyu says.
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