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Shaanxi treasure chicken: Group of industry of Chinese titanium grain is powerfu

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On September 27, treasure chicken —— of cereal of · China titanium " construction of base of property of hi-tech of national new material develops a program (2008 - 2015) " , passed Shaanxi to save development and the expert that reform committee organization to evaluate, will apply for approval national hair changes appoint approval is carried out in the round. This indicates group of industry of grain of · China titanium builds a treasure chicken strong already advance, entered a brand-new development phase.

May 2008, national hair changes appoint according to " national economy and social progress eleventh compendium of 5 years of programs " and " 915 ” of “ of hi-tech estate development plan " , 7 cities such as city of He Lianyun harbor of the treasure chicken city that decides in new material industry development has advantage and distinguishing feature, peaceful wave city, Dalian city, Luoyang city, golden prosperous city, Guangzhou city, with material of electronic information data, aerospace material, new energy resources, environmental protection energy-saving material to develop a stress, build base of property of hi-tech of country of new material industry.

Treasure chicken is the throughout the country's biggest titanium and base of titanium alloy production. Regard treasure chicken high new developed area as industry of the biggest dominant, develop titanium industry to have good fundamental condition and technical advantage energetically, industrial distinguishing feature is outstanding. 2007, base industry gross value of industrial output breaks through 8 billion yuan, profit after tax is close 500 million yuan; Base already collected scientific research, production, treatment, commerce and current business more than 300, formed with equipment of titanium material treatment, titanium, rare metal deep treatment reachs master alloy, titanium pink and titanium alloyed powder, medical recreational articles for use attachs most importance to titanium alloy and sports the industrial catenary of the dot, have the corresponding platform that prop up and administrative organization, group feature is apparent. 2007, treasure chicken group of industry of grain of · China titanium is included the throughout the country by ministry of science and technology 50 industries group is pilot one of, this year May, ministry of science and technology still approves base of property of titanium of cognizance treasure chicken to plan industrial base for national torch.

That day, shaanxi province hair changes appoint chair in Xi'an hold base of property of hi-tech of new material of treasure chicken country to build development to plan to evaluate meeting, change by province hair appoint, the expert group that bureau of environmental protection of office of province land natural resources, province, Xi'an joins manage of big, Xi'an to be versed in the respect such as academy of nonferrous metal of university, northwest is comprised, new and high to treasure chicken area is in charge of appoint can weave " construction of base of property of hi-tech of new material of treasure chicken country develops a program (2008 - 2015) " undertook discussion adequately. Expert group agrees consistently to be evaluated through the program, suggest country and province, city increases the supportive strength to base about the branch, accelerate project construction.
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