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The mankind is not excessive and panicky

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Rocket of world oil price, changed the life of a lot of people, also let a few people move the topic of panic of the sources of energy again. Panic of the sources of energy rises to civilized to the mankind menace for the first time. Chiliad comes on, the mankind is mixed in consumptive the sources of energy all the time search there is race between the sources of energy. Only with respect to ” of “ oil times, “ discovers ” is in defeat “ to consume ” , “ oil will be accumulated quickly by the crisis feeling of extinct ” . But the border that human eye has crossed ” of “ oil times quickly also, begin to scan whole universe. Besides search more oil field, outside nuclear energy of ” of “ put sb in a very important position, wind energy, solar energy, the mankind has been in prove the sources of energy of the sky outside using. If the mankind is searching the success in the sources of energy next, manacle those who meant the mankind to cast off the earth in fact.

Somebody worries about energy crisis the sources of energy the 4th times one word, alive bound contains the meaning of “ force ” , “ energy ” in all sorts of languages, be the force that the sources of energy brings is driving a machine, promoting development of industry and agriculture, promoting the development of human civilization. Energy crisis and panic of the sources of energy became latter-day product, menace arrived civilized development of the mankind. Using the period of firewood and coal, the mankind returns “ babyish ” to must do not have too much the sources of energy and the concept that the sources of energy is in short supply. Oil is consumed in the mankind in 150 old histories, also be recently these year just begin to calculate what oil still can use well.

This kind of angst gets very quickly reflecting in the market. In the past 30 old, the whole world already had happened 1973, 1979, 1990 3 accepted cosmopolitan energy crisis. Since last year, oil price violent wind rises, already amounted to historical perch, a lot of people exclamation the 4th times energy crisis ” has begun “ . Sweden the You Ersi of engineer admire Er of mark nuclear power plant is accepting Foss when the reporter is interviewed, say afraidly, from eye antecedent condition looks, of the forest become a useful person speed does not follow to go up the birthrate of population, the development of water and electricity also gets the limitation of district; And coal, oil cannot renewable resources, although the mankind is developed cautiously, have a dried up day always also. From the development of human civilization speed looks, the frequency that new energy resources updates is becoming faster and faster, for instance lumber was used by the mankind tens of thousands of even hundred thousands of years; And the use of coal is only go up the history of chiliad; Arrived oil times, do not pass about a hundred years continuously, oil crisis had brought panic a few times to the world. But current condition is, the mankind exhausts in oil previously, did not hold absolutely find new can replace the sources of energy, resemble biology the sources of energy just popular a few years, as a result of global food crisis. Sufferred numerous doubt.
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