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Jiangsu port iron ore is imported every tons all valence is added 90.7%

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According to Nanjing custom statistic, 1-8 month, jiangsu port accumulative total imports iron ore 20.96 million tons, than 2007 the corresponding period grows 8.3% , every tons of entrance all valence 159.9 dollars, grow 90.7% .

According to the analysis, iron ore entrance rises in price considerably, because year is fiducial,be price rises, regard our country iron and steel as enterprise negotiation delegate, treasure steel group is in the beginning of the year accepts river valley of Brazilian fresh water this year fiducial price is as high as 2008 year iron ore of 65% go up. Then, with force develop company, need and need develop reachs PB pink mine, Yang Di powdery mine is mixed PB piece mine rises respectively 79.88% , 79.88% with the fiducial price agreement of 96.5% , bring about our country iron ore to import the price to go tall all the way directly. 2 it is India exports custom duty to rise, after Indian afterwards adjusted iron ore a few times to export valence 2007, move custom duty of tower above mouth twice to 15% again this year, as a result of iron ore spot price by dominant of Indian commerce mine, export custom duty rise to drive ore spot price to rise considerably directly.

Custom personage reminds, suffer early days to exceed output of quantity entrance, country to gain the influence that tries to reach downstream demand to put delay, phenomenon of keep long in stock of domestic haven iron ore is serious, haven stock is consecutive already 5 months exceed 60 million tons, the bottom was the historical high point that reachs 74.46 million tons more August.

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