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Dynamic: In steel assist of river valley of fresh water of statement severe refu

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In steel assist in-house personage points out: “ is current long-term contract negotiation has ended the iron ore of 2008 year, the negotiation of new year has not begun, this time of company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water asks to raise price, be not the practice of sincere letter, of the system of price of traditional year iron ore that has 10 years of several histories to embracing more negative. ”

After the enterprise is being produced to ask suddenly to raise price to Asian iron and steel in river valley of Brazilian fresh water, association of Chinese iron and steel industry (next steel in weighing “ assist ”)9 expresses the square attitude in palpability 17 days month eventually, think Brazilian respect violated the trade regulation that price of international iron ore negotiates, shake and destroyed mechanism of traditional negotiation of price of international iron ore, appeal the other side stops to mention price action.

Recently, the steelworks client that river valley of Brazilian fresh water confirms pair of Asias gave out iron ore to rise in price again the announcement of as same as European steelworks standard, at present both sides of supply and demand was not reached consistent.

The steel in September 17 assist released on its website " about breach of contract of home remedy of Brazilian VALE company, the case that raises iron ore price suddenly substantially " , first to fresh water river valley this one “ exceeds constant ” behavior was made make known one's position. In steel assist point out, had received the strong report that concerns steely company, say company of fresh water river valley is opposite with formal and written means the breach of contract of iron ore home remedy that the iron and steel of long-term supply China that already signed produces a business, abrupt substantially huff.

When steel cooperates with in, disclose, fresh water river valley still put forward to accept this one by one to concerning company of iron and steel one unreasonable rise in price substantially the deadline of the requirement.

Although company of fresh water river valley claims on its website the day before yesterday, do not have those who stop pair of steelworks to deliver goods at present, express up to on September 11, 32 boats wait to ship in 4 haven, these have 13 to leave for China in the ship, numerous ship is in orderly ground stevedore, and everything makes progress very smoothly. But in steel assist an in-house personage is right yesterday " daily of the first finance and economics " divulge, a lot of steelworks had been risen to purchase shipment of the ability after the price by the requirement really to the boat of Brazilian haven, if disapprobation takes out the price, OK also grade a bit low ore lading carry back. And the iron ore that the advantage of river valley of Brazilian fresh water depends on them having freeboard quality namely, and the iron ore that the steely production company of efficient, low cost needs to offer its matchs mine to have production.
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