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Industry trends: Energy science and technology communicates new arena of collabo

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The 2nd China (Taiyuan) exposition of new industry of international coal and energy kicked off on September 16, current exposition has a characteristic to be mixed internationally namely specialization relatively previous term or session is stronger.

From ginseng exhibit join meeting enterprise to look, current exhibit the 867 enterprises ginseng that can share 18 countries and area ginseng meeting, international 229, home 638, have 49 whole worlds among them 500 strong companies. Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to add up to 326, international 103, home 223, among them the whole world 500 strong companies 22. The world top class company of new industry of domestic and international coal and energy and industry are banner enterprise, its gross and place occupy scale to have apparent growth than previous term or session.

Shanxi is coal big province, 1/3 what coal output holds countrywide total output about, 3/4 what v quantity occupies the whole nation to save clean v of the coal between border to measure, 1/2 what export a quantity to take the throughout the country, coke crop is the 40 % left and right sides that takes the throughout the country more, occupy the 20 % left and right sides of the world, occupy the 50 % left and right sides of international coke supply. Shanxi is holding significant position in countrywide coal and energy industry situation. Coal rich can be Shanxi energy company to blend in global economy undoubtedly, invest Shanxi energy industry for tycoon of global the sources of energy, provided a communication and cooperative platform.

“ besides with good, can develop the relevant policy with pilot job continuously with industry of the sufficient, coal that use work, undertake the system innovates actively besides, strengthen undertake with domestic and international enterprise all-around collaboration is crucial. Classics of ” Shanxi province appoint director Hong Fake says.

Coal exposition makes Shanxi business circles is able to understand the new product that represents field of new industry of domestic and international coal and energy, new facility deep; Organic meeting introduces a batch to accord with the good project that Shanxi industry program, environmental protection asks, industry of traditional to transforming promotion mainstay, breed expand new pillar industry, widen exit domain, optimize exit structure, raise economic extroversion to spend have very big urge action.

This world of red of Shenyang of assistant dean of academy of Department of Commerce says, can exhibit “ Shanxi ” of course of study to locate at international coal industry, reflected Shanxi to save the manner of a kind of acumen, deal with concrete matters relating to work. Coal exposition already by extensive acknowledge, nobody do not know the place that is Shanxi coal strong province on one hand; On the other hand, shanxi is saved to whole exhibit the promotion of the meeting to publicize consciousness, the strength that reflected “ to lift complete province really does the determination of ” of good coal exposition.
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