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Demand is too fast

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25 days, economy of national information center forecasts a group of task of macroscopical policy tendercy to release the name is " advance value of resource sex product to form a mechanism to reform " the report says, at present our country economy is added fast already successive 3 quarters occurrence fall after a rise, china is big country of demand of energy natural resources on one hand, also acted as secondhand on the other hand the part that the sources of energy exports big country. Exit “ two tall one endowment ” product, it is to be in actually covert exit energy natural resources, should “ raises tax rate of tax of resource of important resource product and compensation of mineral products resource to expend a standard as soon as possible, implement energy tax as early as possible. ”

Study conclusion shows, impose energy tax very apparent to the inhibition of prospective energy demand, and finite to the influence of Chinese economy. But the specific timetable that energy tax rolls out is not optimistic perhaps. Relevant energy expert expresses, energy tax publishs need two premise condition, it is to want to straighten value of product of domestic energy resources first; 2 it is economy moves relatively stable, if CPI and PPI glide, innovation of aux will be able to gives a good economic condition. And chief economist Zun Xiaolei represents galactic negotiable security, when any regaining consciousness, should consider to straighten mechanism of price of domestic energy resources.

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