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Foreground of energy-saving be economical values hot pump water heater

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From June 19 national hair changes appoint release benzine, derv and electric power to rise in price after the announcement, most plan changes the consumer of water heater, the metropolis before be being bought knows the be economical extent of the water heater of different type first. Accordingly, have “ the say hot pump water heater of ” of the 4th acting water heater because the object that its energy-saving and safe advantage begins to become consumer to consider, but this holds the portion on water heater market to be less than only at present 1% , can the product that does not understand to the consumer of 5% only be in this energy-saving does successful “ give a ” in big fight?
Little-known hot pump water heater
As we have learned, hot pump water heater produces thermal efficiency tall, the electric energy that uses cleanness and air can, the 4th acting water heater after water heater of report of the afterwards that be called, water heater burning gas, solar energy water heater. The new heating that ” of “ hot pump is a kind of energy-saving, environmental protection, cleanness and hot water equipment, get attention fully all over the world in recent years. Hot pump water heater is driving force with electric energy, whole make take hot water course need not chemical combustion, so free from contamination does not have any insecure elements.
The applied form of hot pump water heater has a variety of, include air source to heat up pump water heater, fountainhead to heat up pump water heater and land source to heat up pump water heater. Hot pump water heater is in at present it is mature that the development of Euramerican developed country already tended, its occupation standard and policy support field are relatively perfect. Under photograph comparing, be in China, hot pump water heater still belongs to burgeoning product, in nearly 10 consumer that interview in the reporter, only one expresses to hear of overheat pump water heater.
3 kinds of water heater use cost PK
The water heater burning gas with the tradition, average report water heater and solar energy water heater are compared, the use cost of hot pump water heater how? Technical personnel calculated brushstroke Zhang for the reporter related some brand:
Use 200 litres of hot water to be everyday with 3 home exemple, if use water heater burning gas, cost of a year is 1339.55 yuan; Use report water heater, cost is 2309.72 yuan; Use hot pump water heater, cost is 448.95 yuan. Highest use cost and lowest use cost, differ in all 1860.77 yuan.
Market prospect values promotion to need hard

As we have learned, hot pump water heater can produce 4 kilowatt heat energy with 1 kilowatt electric energy, will commensurate water heats same temperature, the n of its place bad news is the 1/4 of average report water heater only.
Besides more energy-saving, installation of hot pump water heater is convenient, the operation is simple, cover an area of an area less, lead plane life can be as long as 15 years, advantage clearly.
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