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How to locate line of business of valve of pump of developing lukewarm city? Is the breach that transition adjusts promotion in He Fang? 16 days, meng Jianxin of Deputy mayor Wen Zhou calls together branch of city relevant function, hold informal discussion of enterprise of stress of pump valve industry, ask business of industry of valve of pump of thermometry state city the delegate, conspire to develop train of thought.

Train of thought one: Strive for center of national level test

Transition of industry of valve of pump of “ lukewarm city adjusts promotion, what kind of route should choose? ” becomes the topic that our speech does not circle.

Speech enterprise is almost unanimous, one of “ method, strive for lukewarm city of settle of center of test of national level valve namely, lend ‘ Wen Zhou character of pump valve ’ and quality weigh a new platform, make industry of valve of lukewarm city pump new the tall surveyor's pole that establish rises. ”

Meng Jianxin expresses, the crucial strategy good luck that henceforth is development of pump valve industry 5 years period, lukewarm city valve should seek the fixed position that follows his, multiply situation and for, through striving for center of test of national level valve, help the pump valve base that shifts lukewarm city progress to make the whole world more strongly.

Train of thought 2: March one class of “ line of business of valve of ” nucleus report

Grab ceaselessly only build an upland, ability masters speech counterpoise from beginning to end.

Changjiang Delta accuses, the valve business such as round-the-world, Shen Jiang is forerunner apparently, at present all already the hand grasps valve of concerned nucleus report to produce a qualification. Nevertheless, huang Zunxing expresses, we return “ to did not take valve of ‘ nucleus report the manufacturing qualification of one class ’ , this is for a long time must be broken by the pattern of forestall of foreign technology place. ”

Show according to concerning statistic, home obtained the nuclear cable project of give an official to be as high as 70 million kilowatt 2008, the project that predicts to will have nearly 100 million kilowatt takes national hair very likely to change before 2020 appoint batch of article. Country in the near future inside project of so large-scale cable of devoted development nucleus, need product of many valve of nuclear report pump, the pump valve industry that is an our city brought unprecedented auspicious development opportunity.

To win support of larger technology of nuclear report valve, always association of valve of fine county pump for many times to the country great do, China is connected assist and hair change appoint concerned leader puts forward to be in the countryside ” of “ pump valve builds national nucleus cable the tentative idea of center of valve research and development, get affirmation.
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