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Transnational corporation is in coal rich is contended for on the meeting grab b

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Those of group of housing card, GE, card spy is strapped, the say Shanxi province that numerous transnational corporation comes to …… of Weililangwo, Motolora to have ” of “ coal sea in succession, the exposition of new industry of the concerned coal that joins rank of country of a China and energy, they are having same objective: Search and dispute the tremendous business chance that grabs Chinese energy industry.

These transnational corporation are used on exposition not only exhibit board reveal with objective respective the most advanced technology and service, their high-level personage still reachs the product that he recommends in activity of project butt joint in relevant industrial forum.

The 2nd China (Taiyuan) exposition of new industry of international coal and energy kicked off in Taiyuan on September 16, one of this exposition aims that by Shanxi ministry of province government and Chinese Department of Commerce, science and technology holds strengthen international the sources of energy to cooperate namely. This the ginseng outside exposition condition exhibits an enterprise to occupy 35 % , the 229 enterprises ginseng of 18 countries and area is exhibited ginseng meeting, include 500 strong companies of 49 worlds among them.

The Wen Yuezhong of president of division of China of GE energy group that entered peddling Wu early to negotiate to Shanxi 2003 says: A lot of place energy resources of Chinese that “ includes Shanxi inside are very substantial, but in resource reasonable use and environmental protection respect exists a few problems. This also is one of reasons that GE company values here market all the time. ”

Housing card (China) limited company is clean coal department strategy and heart of Chen Zhong of investment general manager say, popularizing clean coal to use a technology is one of major servicing of the company. Company of “ carapace card already made over contract of technology of 17 coal aerification successfully in China, up to in August 2008, 11 aerification factory has thrown manufacturing operation, wide application is mixed at synthetic ammonia, urea, methanol make the field such as hydrogen. ” as we have learned, housing card is in Ningxia and place's biggest coal company to begin at present be based on housing card the associated research of technology of two big core and development.

The design that major pursues choosing coal plant and stock to carry an item, offer goods, construction and debugged international engineering company company of Ge Te of peaceful of —— United States, equipment mill was built in Heibei Langfang, the ” of service “ menu that offerred a major to the coal company of Shanxi on this exposition, put forward to be energy field to provide investment and financial support together with group of capital of pay of tower of American elder brother, the project involves chemical industry of the factory that pick coal, coal and coal-bed gas to wait.
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