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Beautiful investment tycoon is combined China can field of sortie China energy

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Chinese China can group subsidiary China can capital and scene arrange Ross (WLR of o of c of s of e of I n v ) investment firm announced jointly on September 16, bilateral and joint-stock establish Hua Nengjing to arrange Ross to invest advisory limited company, rely on bilateral advantage sortie to to Chinese electric power and the sources of energy the illicit collect equity of relevant domain invests and consult business.

It is reported, in Hua Nengjing suitable Ross invests advisory limited company in, contributive scale is both sides of China and foreign countries each 50 % . The company basically is sought and evaluate the illicit collect equity related to Chinese energy production to invest an opportunity. Chinese China can Huang Yongda of secretary of group leading Party group, vise general manager expresses, responsible China can of management of group finance asset and operation function China can the business of capital and American Jing Shun group cooperates, it is the active exploration that uses new financing measure to promote an industry to develop, be helpful for increasing China can international competition ability.

Jing Shun group is chief apparitor Martin · pleasant points out Fulana, the Wei that the scene suitable group that has the whole world to invest actual strength participates in multinomial energy production and colliery company to recombine together uncle the illicit collect of · Ross invests a group, plus China can the group understands the development of domestic energy industry, will bring charming investment opportunity. Ross of chairman of company of scene suitable Ross thinks, this collaboration is two old economy system of this world of China and United States a reduction that achieves confluence on financing and ability and wisdom.

China can capital is China can the group is wholy-owned subsidiary. Up to by 2007, amalgamative total assets is the company forty-two billion three hundred and eighteen million yuan, net assets is eleven billion and seventy-seven million yuan. Scene suitable Ross is WL Ross company and scene arrange a group to be established jointly. WL Ross company manages the fund of more than 8 billion dollar, basically invest global problem capital. And the asset dimensions that Jing Shun group manages exceeds 460 billion dollar, it is the independent investment administration with banner whole world.

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