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Person of young Chinese nucleus report lets foreign expert envy

This year in January, the engineer Li Gang of designing institute of research of Shanghai nucleus project and his work in the same placing together, come to United States of the world's most advanced —— of owner of nuclear cable technology house company is accepted on the west groom.

One of cooperative agreements that regard whole world of Sino-US collaboration construction as nuclear power plant of AP1000 of technology of first the 3rd generation, house company will groom for China on the west the technical handsome appearance that the design makes place of nuclear power plant need. Shanghai nucleus project considers when to Zheng Mingguang of designing institute dean is accepting a reporter to interview, say, according to the plan, courtyard of Shanghai nucleus labour expedites 100 people to arrive in all this year house firm joins on the west groom, next year will add 150 people.

Arrive for the first time on the west house study, li Gang says “ harvests very big ” . Of 3 months groom period afterwards, house company is opposite on the west requirement ” is satisfied except creativity “ in the evaluation of 5 his grade besides, other 4 respects solve the ability ” of the problem to wait to all be evaluated like “ is “ unapproachable ” . Li Gang says, house company is designing a concept to go up on the west more advanced than us, and on fundamental job and design train of thought we do not compare them to differ, and we accept new knowledge a few faster.

By the United States the AP1000 that house company masters on the west is current the technology of the most advanced cable of the 3rd acting nucleus on the world, according to the agreement that Sino-US two countries reachs, our country buys the United States sets of 4 advanced AP1000 nucleus electric machinery, the United States just makes over AP1000 to design technology, equipment is made and whole set technology, build a technology to wait for advanced nuclear cable technology. And should acquire these technologies the hand truly, be not easy to do thing.

Zheng Mingguang says to the reporter, go to every house joins groomed staff on the west, we raise a requirement, what is the purpose that go, acquired what content, what thing did not teach you to perhaps was not acquired, want as clear as day. Only such, ability assures to acquire core technology, know its to also know its the reason why like that, ability accomplishs the implementation below the premise that introducing a technology to innovate again.

In the propagandist column of courtyard of Shanghai nucleus labour, one Zhang Zhongfang personnel drew the reporter's attention in the photograph that house works on the west. On the photograph in square personnel is young face completely, and on the west room staff is mostly grey-haired.

Zheng Mingguang says, worker of courtyard of Shanghai nucleus labour is average the age is 30 years old, the United States on the west the employee of house company is average the age is 50 years old. Have the Li Gang of experience of 6 years of works, there are 28 years old only this year.
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