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Industry trends: In oil Yu forest gas field produces per year 5 billion

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On September 15, day of Yu forest gas field produces gas to achieve thirteen million seven hundred and seven thousand one hundred stere, produce per year can amount to 5 billion stere.

It is reported, yu forest gas field is long celebrate oil field to enrage one of source ground to the brunt of Beijing air feed, also be long celebrate oil field to basically produce a division. This gas field includes the southern part self-supporting area and area of collaboration length north two parts, mid the joint development area that is Chinese oil and housing card company with north. To the area austral Yu forest gas field produced per year natural gas 2005 form a complete set of whole of dimensions of 2 billion stere builds.

In May 2005, yu forest gas field grows north joint development starts area piece formally, area of collaboration of long in January 2006 north throws commercial development. Grew north this year in September area piece day produces natural gas ability to break through 10 million stere, achieve year of productivity level of 3 billion stere. So far, whole of Yu forest gas field builds all day long to enrage year of productivity like that dimensions of 5 billion stere.

The company shows, yu forest gas field the building of productivity of 5 billion stere, make clear grow the technical bottleneck that celebrates oil field to had broken through gas pool of antediluvian sandstone laying a group to be developed effectively, also gain the new experience of joint development of as big as international Petroleum Company.

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