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Luzhou: Jiang Yangqu hydraulic parts to build high-performance high-tech indust

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In early 2010, the State Science and Technology, Science and Technology Department of the specific guidance and provincial, municipal and district leaders of the strong support of Luzhou Machinery Industry Development Zone ranked among the first batch of 77 countries, the ranks of high-tech industrial base. Year since its establishment, the development zone closely around the municipal government's "four four" development strategy, focused on building highlight the main industry, functional, system integrity, fast-growing machinery industries. As the revitalization of Luzhou four One major industry platform for the machinery industry, the national high-tech industrial development area will be the base for the opportunity to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure within the region, to enhance the capacity for sustainable development, to create a domestic base The industry's flagship high-performance hydraulic parts. Grasp planning Industrial base for making rules and layout features Development areas based on location and transportation advantages, the development planning and urban master planning, long-term development of industrial combination of high-tech industrial base in accordance with national requirements and their own conditions, to develop and improve the development of Master Plan . Scientific orientation, highlighting the geographical advantages. 13,461 acres of planned land development area, located in the town of Taian, Taian Luzhou close to the Yangtze River Bridge, 11 kilometers away from the main city, 20 km from the railway station, and a bridge connected to the international container terminal, according to Care is located in the "Chengdu-Chongqing economic" middle ground of regional advantages, and a large Technology Development Zone, large industrial drive large-scale farming strategy. High-tech industrial base through the carrier, accelerate the development of district and city, between rural logistics , Human resources and information interaction, and promote urban and rural development. Reasonable partition, highlight the industrial characteristics. According to "a garden, one main industry, the park unique" requirements, the development zone established as the leading manufacturer in construction machinery, hydraulic equipment and oil drilling equipment, park features, the formation of "one axis three Zone "layout forms: from east to west road 40 meters mechanical axis of development constitute the planning area; Southern District building to the" three long "as the core of the construction machinery manufacturing industry; North River oil drilling to create the core of the oil drilling equipment manufacturing Manufacturing and mechanical supporting industries; the Eastern District for industrial logistics. 2015, the development zone will exceed 10 billion yuan in output value. Among them, the construction machinery manufacturing industry, annual production value will exceed 8.0 billion; oil drilling equipment and machinery related industries will exceed 2 billion yuan in output value. Grasping building To lay the foundation for stronger industrial base Sound infrastructure is an important guarantee for the development of District Development. According to Development Area "one axis three areas" of the structure, the development areas to focus on projects, and vigorously promote the development of area quickly, effectively and efficiently. People-oriented, promoting sun land. May 2010 started the land acquisition, development areas and always adhere to people-oriented, according to the law, openness, fairness, so that the sun land acquisition, demolition harmony, 5 months to complete land acquisition Demolition task, no group events occurred, for the development of rapid progress of the construction area and laid a solid foundation. Currently, 5,900 acres of development area to complete the land acquisition of rural collective land work, 4 million square meters of urban demolition is Stepped up the implementation. All the available industrial land, commercial land some available. Standardized and highly efficient, and improve facilities. To ensure rapid progress of the development zone, development zone dare people get, the land acquisition and infrastructure construction to proceed with: Mechanical Boulevard and ancillary facilities smoothly. 40 meters Mechanical Boulevard Length of 3.91 kilometers, the total investment (excluding land) 1.1 billion. May 18, 2010 to commence work has now completed the excavation of 140 Articles, the formation of 3 km embankment, to begin construction of water stable layer can be delivered before the Spring Festival. The It is the construction of municipal roads and facilities a total of 2.27 kilometers, the construction of 1.59 km; flat field work quickly. March 2010, the development zones in full swing, in addition to long, the state legislature flat field of industrial land outside the comprehensive work carried out, flat field of industrial land totaled nearly 2,000 acres, a total of 4.5 million cubic meters of earth excavation; pole line Qiangai orderly implementation, through consultation, discussion, involving the relocation of the 11 units have been signed Qiangai agreement has been completed Qiangai works 60% to ensure that the development and construction needs. Merchants arrested Provide material for the protection of bigger industrial base Development areas to speed up infrastructure construction at the same time, vigorously carry out investment work. Adhere to the intensive investment process in the cluster development, highlighting the main industry machinery, industrial chain around the election business, focused on creating characteristics and advantages of the park, casting Core competitiveness. Around the main industry, the industrial chain investment. Around the mechanical main industry, the development zone by the supply of raw materials, casting and forging, heat treatment, the cylinder valve manufacturing, surface treatment and other aspects of building the industry chain, the formation of associated infrastructure, reduce production costs, provide L enterprise market competitiveness. Outstanding advantages, accelerate industrial agglomeration. Outstanding mechanical engineering and manufacturing, oil drilling equipment manufacturing and manufacturing advantages of industrial hydraulic systems, relying on the "three long", Sichuan oil drilling, all the major science and technology, hydraulic and other key enterprises Jinhui, drums Encourage and guide large scale, there is a market, there is the potential presence of mechanical enterprise development zones to accelerate industrial agglomeration, increasing the driving force of radiation. Optimize resources, expand the space. Development Area to the "three long" as a basis for building relocation in the investment process, the development area abandon the simple relocation of enterprises to copy, move the collective approach, adhere to the cluster of intensive development, gifted The allocation of resources, require enterprises to investment in fixed assets per mu to be 100 million yuan, to the development zone enterprises settled in equipment upgrades, capacity expansion of technological transformation, to achieve the second business, greatly expanding business development and production levels. Relying on the "three long", to achieve strong park expansion area. The introduction of strong investment enterprises settled in the development of well-known mechanical areas to large projects, and promote major investment, enhance the development of areas of radiation and leading role. Heavy Yuchai has ushered in development areas, Liugong, Xiamen Engineering Machinery and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad visit more than 40, and 26 enterprises to achieve contract settled, share to 2365 acres, contracted investment of 3.71 billion yuan. Grasping the progress of Industrial base to create a favorable environment QUICKER In the construction process, the development of the zone, out policies for enterprises to actively explore new models, so that enterprises subject, co-construction of the development of park and other models coexist; built park planning service centers adhere to the enterprise as a guide, into the logistics services The Concept of Social Services, abandon the enterprise building "small" approach, focuses on building enterprise workers living area, carrying staff accommodation, education, medical care, shopping, financial services; construction and management to develop a sound exit drive System, the strong control enclosures, prompting enterprises to settle from the approach to production in the 12 months to complete. At present, 13 enterprises approach the construction of capital in place of 430 million yuan. Among them, all the big technology investment 150 million yuan in the Feb. 25 start, the end of December will complete the main plant building of 52,000 square meters; Sichuan invested 500 million yuan in oil drilling July 27 started in June 2011 completed the main plant building; long-liquid companies to invest 288 million in Sept. 22 started in February 2012 completed the main plant building; into Kazakhstan technology investment 100 million yuan will start this month 2011 April completed the main plant building; Jinhui 1.5 billion has been invested into the hydraulic contracting procedures; long investment of 090 million yuan Liquid Plant has signed an agreement settled; Yuchai Heavy Machinery Heavy M state legislature completed two billion yuan investment framework agreement, will 12 May started; long relocation from the company are research programs. The scientific and technological To provide strong industrial base and excellent support Technological innovation continue to improve. Development Area has a national high-tech enterprise 4, 6 high-tech enterprises above the city level, attracting a long-liquid companies, Sichuan oil drilling and into Kazakhstan science and technology research and development enterprises in the developed districts Institutions. Optimization of technological innovation system more perfect. In the investment process, the development area to have worked a series of policy documents to promote scientific and technological progress, and actively implement the action plan focused technological innovation in land, facilities, personnel development and other aspects of high -tech enterprises Industry in the formation of the policy support system, and actively support the independent innovation of enterprises. Relying on high-tech industrial base, and actively seek preferential policies for the relevant enterprises and financial support, support for major science and technology, major science and technology industrialization items Projects and SME development. Cluster development trend evident. Development areas to strengthen and long-liquid companies, Sichuan oil drilling, all the big high-tech science and technology, national and provincial key projects, to accelerate research and development base, its own technologies and products in the development of well-known District formation of industrial agglomeration. At present, the long-liquid companies QKF6 Combined control valve and servo-proportional control system of large complete sets of equipment and drilling countries Chuanyou special equipment manufacturing pressure vessels, pressure piping per the national special equipment Pieces of manufacturing technology, BOP and BOP control unit will be settled in the development of the production area, initially formed the backbone of enterprise scale driven, supporting relatively complete, high-performance hydraulic parts industry cluster.
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