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The noise breakdown with common casting die of a few kinds of fluid

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The article is with the hydraulic pressure system of grab of WLYl00 hydraulic pressure exemple, the account that produces noise possibly to its, eliminate methodological introduction to be as follows.
1. Force plunger pump or motor noise

(1) sucks empty phenomenon is to cause one of main reasons with hydraulic pump exorbitant noise. After air of the interfuse in oily fluid, easy in its high-pressured area forms cavitation, travel with the form of pressure wave, cause oily fluid oscillation, bring about a system to produce cavitation erosion noise. Its are main the reason has:

The oil purifier of ① hydraulic pump, oil inlet pipe jams or oily fluid viscosity passes tall, all can cause pump to be in vacuum to spend into oily mouth tall, make air infiltration.
Pump shaft of ② hydraulic pump, forerunner carries oil seal attaint, or oil inlet pipe is sealed and undesirable, cause air to enter.
Oil level of ② gasoline tank is too low, make hydraulic pump oil inlet pipe is sucked directly empty.
When louder noise appearing in working when hydraulic pump, answer to undertake checking to afore-mentioned place above all, discover the problem is handled in time.

(Component of interior of 2) hydraulic pump is excessive wear away, the cylinder body that is like force plunger pump and deserve to flow dish, force plunger and force plunger aperture cooperate wear away, pull, make the leak inside hydraulic pump serious, export oil of high pressure, little flow when hydraulic pump flow will generate when fluid pulsatile, cause louder noise. Can increase orgnaization of forerunner system variable appropriately right now slant horn, output the influence of discharge to pump with the leak inside improvement. Because of,the core of a powerful person of servo a powerful person of hydraulic pump, piston that controls flow also is met local damage, pull, make a piston pulsatile in mobile process, cause hydraulic pump to output the wave motion of discharge and pressure, produce bigger vibration and noise in pump exit thereby. Can be opposite right now wear away, pull serious component to make brushing plating to grind to match or change handle.

(3) hydraulic pump deserves to flow dish also be easy one of important element that cause noise. Deserve to flow dish of in use because the surface wears away or greasy filth deposit is in in open of chamfer of discharge carry on one's shoulder, can make discharge carries on his shoulder or back to groove shortens and change position of discharge carry on one's shoulder, generation strands oily phenomenon, then causes louder noise. In process of normal make repairs and supply replacements, of rehabilitate of classics plane abrasion deserve to flow dish also can appear the consequence that chamfer of discharge carry on one's shoulder shortens, be like right now not seasonable its proper and slender, also will produce bigger noise. In rigging a process, deserve to flow dish chamfer of big discharge carry on one's shoulder must feign the high-pressured accent in pump, and of way of its needle part and cylinder body come back to the beard is opposite, also will bring bigger noise to the system otherwise.
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