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Variable is steep add inflection point to did not show rigid line of business to

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Machinist industry stress contacts an enterprise to produce management informal discussion to was held a few days ago. The reporter learns from the meeting, although economy moves this year increase of not certain factor, but production and marketing of mechanical in April industry still shows 1 ~ perch moves; Main product orders goods the quantity still is increasing; Company sale situation is favorable; Annual production task is general and full, order of company of equipment of partial power station already was discharged to 2010.

Enterprise delegate thinks generally, market development posture is better this year, but pressure of company production moving cost is quite great.

Produce and sale still perch moves

According to statistic of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference, 1 ~ in April, amplitude of mechanical industry production and marketing is reduced somewhat compared to the same period, but overall still show perch to move, company accumulative total orders goods quantity mostly prep above last year the corresponding period.

Among them, limited company of turbine of Oriental boiler Inc. , Shanghai, Taiyuan is heavy-duty and mechanical company of power of the Yangtse River of group limited company, China, Jinan contract order compares the company accumulative total such as limited company of 2 machine tools the corresponding period had bigger growth last year.

1 ~ is complete in April the industry finishs gross value of industrial output two thousand six hundred and eighty-seven billion one hundred and thirty-nine million yuan, grow 29.03% compared to the same period, amplitude is compared the corresponding period fell last year will 2.35 percent; Production value of the sale that finish two thousand six hundred and eighteen billion five hundred and twenty-one million yuan, grow 29.96% compared to the same period,

1 ~ March, accumulative total of company of connection of machinist industry stress orders goods four hundred and sixteen billion and fifty-four million yuan, grow 42.06% compared to the same period, than going up the month increases 5.08 percent. Among them, industry of tool of machine of heavy-duty mine, project, machine tool orders goods compared to the same period amplitude is taller, it is respectively 78.66% , 72.95% with 51.59% .

13 have 6 industries production to increase standard of entire industry of fast prep above in the industry greatly, the product output that there is nearly 70% in main product grows with two digit. Among them, agriculture machinery industry is added fast apparent promotion, crop realized 1 ~ in April the growth of 28.7% . "From last year second half of the year begins, the demand growth of agriculture machinery market is very rapid, " limited company of group of agriculture machinery of Jiangsu Changzhou east wind introduces on behalf of Jin Yaomin, "Current, order of export of company for sale abroad or in another part of the country has been arranged in July the last ten-day of a month. Order of export of company for sale abroad or in another part of the country has been arranged in July the last ten-day of a month..
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