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"Chinese production " has permeated family of world each country every corner

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China is becoming a kind of reality gradually to the influence of the world, and resemble no longer before in that way, stay at notional administrative levels merely. Each country high official delivers the view northerly Beijing in succession, a lot of media undertakes Chinese cover or special subject report concerned early or late, the press also was rolled out large quantities of with " Chinese century " , " Chinese company " the composing that is a name; A few scholars appear according to and other places of southeast Asia, Africa, South America even " China is hot " , the success that puts forward China had offerred to have for the world not at " Washington mode " development road, showing what what its are short of is only satisfactory " creed " just.

Decision: Do not have too " China is made " a year

To this, one looks be like common, provide the example of conviction most however actually, it is so called " China is made " , in world each district, include Euramerican developed country, thorough innumberable families, and gradually firmly occupied each life places, such as kitchen, sitting room, toilet, bedroom, penetrate everywhere; So that a lot of people can ask: Did not have now " China is made " , our life will how? Of Ni of tall of state of · of Sara of American senior correspondent " not " China is made " a year " one book tries to make a reply to this one problem namely.

The thing results from the christmas 2004. After festal celebration of that year passes, preparation clears when household, the fact that state tall Ni notices suddenly to one nots allow to dispute -- " China makes " occupational her family: The television on the table, the gym shoes of door edge, the colored lantern on christmas tree, the doll on the floor, the everywhere in house sees the product that China makes. Then she divides all things in the home " China is made " made two kinds have check with blame China, discovery is gross as a result in 39 things, "China is made " 25, blame China makes 14, that is to say, 64% it is Chinese product! American christmas has become a Chinese to produce the red-letter day that come out simply!

This discovers Rangbangqiaonijiao gets uneasiness. She persuaded her husband, made a decision, begin from new year's day of the 2nd year, arrive all the time the end of the year, buy new China one year to make a product no longer full.

Process: Was short of " China is made " everywhere be rebuffed

Result how? Touch above all those who go up is her 4 years old gym shoes problem of the son. Original shoe already too small, can no more wear. Buy a pair of new shoes to give him, state tall Ni is searched everywhere, do whackedly, rush about in what pass two weeks later, also was overcome again eventually, spent 60 dollars to buy a pair of sneaker that import from Italy to him. And a pair of China produce sneaker just 10 dollars, this lets state tall Ni indeed some feel distressed. Subsequently trouble is more consecutive: Buy the candle to give marital birthday cake, state tall Ni drives went 6 drug-store were not bought, one must be found out finally to fall in the kitchen of full dirt but still imprint have " China is made " the candle of the mark comes, put up with was used; An old drawer is not pulled since January, but the repairman that cannot find blame China to make however is provided. Tall Ni must use state to attack old-styly even rat implement, because new-style also is China,make.
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