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Current equipment second half of the year exports the petrifaction such as pump

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As we have learned, the product with larger surplus of implementation of imports and exports basically is: Petro-chemical equipment is exported. 100 million dollars of.57, import 361 million dollar, favourable balance 96 million dollar; Oil getting collects equipment spare parts to export 312 million dollar, import 56 million dollar, favourable balance 172 million dollar; Machinery of refrigeration air conditioning exports 1.451 billion dollar, import 404 million dollar, favourable balance 1.047 billion dollar.

Look from the statistical number above, momentum of exit of although petrifaction of before 5 months is general mechanical product is powerful, but because suffer new the exports drawback to reduce policy influence that come on stage, predicting second half of the year, petro-chemical equipment, oil getting collects air conditioning of equipment, refrigeration, and the relevant product exit such as partial metal container, pump, fan, valve and its spare parts is added fast will somewhat slow down.

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