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Catalog of active state level (valve)

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Catalog of active state level (valve)Catalog of active state level (valve)
Name of level of number of serial number level replaces standard number to pick mark case
1GB/T8464-1998 water is warm with inside GB8464-87GB8465.1~.8-87 of threaded coupling valve
JB106-78MODISO5209-1977 of mark of 2GB/T12220-1989 general valve
JB97~98-75JB1686~1688-75NEQISO5752-1982 of length of structure of valve of metal of 3GB/T12221-1989 flange join
The join MODISO5210/1~/3-1982 of actuating device of valve of 4GB/T12222-1989 much circumgyrate
The join MODISO5211/1~/3-1982 of actuating device of valve of 5GB/T12223-1989 part circumgyrate
6GB/T12224-1989 steeliness valve asks commonly
Condition of technology of cast of copper alloy of 7GB/T12225-1989 general valve
Casting pig of 8GB/T12226-1989 general valve technical condition
Chinese ink of ball catch of 9GB/T12227-1989 general a powerful person is cast-iron a technical condition
Condition of technology of forging of carbon steel of 10GB/T12228-1989 general valve
Condition of technology of cast of carbon steel of 11GB/T12229-1989 general valve
Austenite of 12GB/T12230-1989 general valve condition of steel cast technology
Flange of 13GB/T12232-1989 general valve joins iron makes brake valve
Iron of 14GB/T12233-1989 general valve is made shut-off valve and litre fall type check valve
Flange of 15GB/T12234-1989 general valve and to a powerful person of brake of solder join steeliness
Shut-off valve of steeliness of join of flange of 16GB/T12235-1989 general valve and litre fall type check valve
Steeliness of 17GB/T12236-1989 general valve comes back the check valve that open type
Flange of 18GB/T12237-1989 general valve and to ball valve of solder join steeliness
Flange of 19GB/T12238-1989 general valve and to placing NEQBS5155-1984 of join butterfly a powerful person

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