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The application of nitriding craft studies

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The abstract of applied research content of nitriding craft: With the tradition quench wait for photograph of craft of metallic surface heat treatment to compare, exterior nitriding processing has unique advantage, the article applied increasingly extensive nitriding technology to have exploratory study at present, with period achieve the joint study, goal that raise with the reader.

Nitriding says nitrogen is changed again, incite azotic atom the thermo-chemical treatment craft inside surface layer of workpiece of infiltration iron and steel, its purpose is to raise hardness of spare parts surface and wearability, and increase fatigue intensity and corrosion resistance. It is to use ammoniac gas to decompose atom of nitrogen of sex of yield results in work when heat, after be being absorbed by the spare parts, in its the surface forms nitrogen to change a layer, at the same time afferent ministry diffuses. Nitrogen is changed use special device or furnace of well type nitriding to undertake normally. Aeriform nitriding was controlled 1923, by y of German F r first degrees of research develops and try industrialized, at present nitriding gets develop quickly and be perfectinged with each passing day to craft from theory, applicable material and workpiece also expand increasingly. Because the goods of classics nitriding processing has exceedingly good wearability, fatigue resistance, be able to bear or endure corrode sex, high temperature resistant gender, fight gas of occlusive sex, the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College and overheat vapour to corrode ability, fight temper bate ability, reduce breach sensitivity, compare with cementite craft photograph, nitriding temperature is lower, workpiece distortion is consequently small, already made one of vital thermo-chemical treatment technology, the gear that uses extensively at the industry such as mechanical, metallurgy and mine, cam, crankshaft, tool, cold the finishing that makes mould, heat make spare parts and the product such as the mould.

One, nitrogen turns commonly used material

The aluminium in traditional alloy steel material, chromic, vanadium and molybdenum element are in nitriding process, with when the azotic atom of zoology is contacted first, can generate stable nitride, especially molybdenum element, it is to make nitride element not only, still can reduce the brittleness that produces when nitriding. The element in other alloy steel, wait like nickel, copper, silicon, manganese, do not have how old help to nitriding character. Generally speaking, if steel makings is medium,contain a kind or diversiform nitride makes an element, the result after nitrogen is changed is more favorable. Among them aluminium is the strongest nitride element, contain 0. 85 ~ 1 . The nitriding result of 5 % aluminium is optimal, if have enough chromic content, yi Ke gets very good result, did not contain the carbolic steel of alloy, the nitriding layer that builds because of its is very fragile, flake easily, unwell collaboration is nitriding steel.
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