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Science and technology of heavy award of city of 2.49 million yuan of buddhist i

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Science and technology of heavy award of city of 2.49 million yuan of buddhist is advanced

This is the top award that science and technology of this area calendar year commends, award of benefit of its technical secondary school and award of person of outstanding ability of innovation of teenage science and technology are Fosan city initiate

Yi Jiancheng of reporter of report from our correspondent, shan of reporter Wang Ying, Pan Shan reports: The city zone of Fosan city buddhist has the project of science and technology with own intellectual property, energy-saving environmental protection and relevant personnel one batch, 28 days obtain a government this month 2.49 million yuan heavy award. This is this area calendar year will in science and technology commend the top award that go up, among them, patent award and award of person of outstanding ability of innovation of teenage science and technology, initiate domain of Fosan city science and technology to commend beginning.

Obtain ranking science and technology to allocate funds 32.57 million

Buddhist the city zone shared 210 projects to include science and technology of city class above the plan last year, among them the great science and technology that 41 projects include country, province is special, obtain ranking science and technology to allocate funds in all 32.57 million yuan; Award of the science and technology that capture a province 4, award of progress of city science and technology 36; Organize 40 enterprises to attend key of domain of key of harbor of another name for Guangdong Province broke through project action to bid last year, 11 projects win the bid, obtain funds to support 17.7 million yuan; Civilian family business declares new product of country and province key 29, country " spark " plan 3, provincial torch plans two, promotion of achievement of science and technology plans 3, national science and technology begins trade this year two; Through implementing great science and technology special, buddhist the city zone fetched a batch of significant gain, 32 already passed provincial appraisal, capture a province in all award of science and technology 4; In the meantime, buddhist the city zone achieves 1881 in the patent application gross of 2006 year, invent patent application to measure 271 among them, grow 93% compared to the same period; Patent accredit measures 1499, invent patent accredit among them 41, grow 21% compared to the same period, occupy 5 area front row of Fosan whole town.

Patent gold prize is as high as 50 thousand yuan

This year, government of buddhist the city zone increased the promotive strength to project of bear the palm, promotive amount rises substantially. As we have learned, have the honor to win award of area science and technology one, 2, the bonus of third class award, respectively 20 thousand yuan from last year, 12 thousand yuan, 8000 yuan raise 50 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan mix 10 thousand yuan; In the meantime, added patent prize, undertake commending promotive to the patent project with economic benefits and social distinct benefit first, forehead of bonus of patent gold prize is as high as 50 thousand yuan, the bonus of patent and outstanding award also has 30 thousand yuan; Right " Pearl River delta farming biochemistry of heavy metal of agrarian wet ground takes off poisonous experiment research and application " project group, give one-time 100 thousand yuan award. Commend congress always rewards amount to achieve 2.49 million yuan, for the top award that past years of buddhist the city zone commends to science and technology.
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