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Situation of demand of market of industry of compressor of refrigeration of type

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Situation of demand of market of industry of compressor of refrigeration of type of our country screw

If business uses industry of the air conditioning central and industrial refrigeration trade,produce owner of compressor of screw type refrigeration downstream.

As people the demand of comfortable to environment of the life, work sex rises ceaselessly, business uses central air conditioning swift and violent development. Central air conditioning implement trade statistic data shows, air conditioning market showed high speed growth in the center of our country 2004, increase rate is 48 % . Business uses trade of central air conditioning in storage of estate development, general merchandise large and content shedding, public construction is built etc drive, demand continues exuberant, predict 2005 ~ 2010, central air conditioning implement sale year all increase rate is 10 % ~ about 20 % . Screw aircrew will get developing energetically accordingly, in the domain of central air conditioning of medium-sized 30RT-500RT, screw type compressor has replaced piston compressor stage by stage.

Industrial technology level asks increasingly strict, the demand that drives industrial refrigeration equipment increases steadily. Industry of our country refrigerant cold storage occupies the scale of whole refrigeration industry to be 20 % about, far the scale that under international mature market makes an appointment with 40 % . The market potential of industry of refrigerant cold storage is very high, especially in refrigerant refrigerating equipment is in microtherm farming, the development perspective of industry of fishing, herd is very wide. Compare with photograph of developed country circumstance, mainland area is in farming, fishing, herd farming the respect such as the cold storage of by-product, refrigerant, content shedding is far apart. Hopeful predicting industry is refrigerant refrigerating equipment 2006-2010 year average increase rate is 20 % ~ about 25 % , neuter predicts to add fast between 20 % of 10 % ~ .

Compressor of refrigerant cold storage can be divided for small-sized and refrigerant cold storage compressor is mixed large and medium-sized compressor of refrigerant cold storage, its are medium or small compressor of refrigerant cold storage basically applies in cold ark (reciprocating type and circumgyrate type construction are given priority to, frequency conversion technology is prospective development direction) with cold storage car (the car carries model screw type compressor is direction) domain; Large and medium-sized compressor of refrigerant cold storage basically applies in container of ship of refrigerated truck, cold storage, cold storage and refrigeratory, give priority to with type of reciprocating type, screw. Screw type compressor fits locomotive character for a long time 24 hours because of its, and the technology that uses at microtherm system progresses ceaselessly, its function and efficiency promote considerably, in Euramerican wait for a developed country, in microtherm in refrigerant refrigerating system, screw type compressor begins to replace traditional piston type to become standard configuration stage by stage.
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