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Practice of terminal market of southwest hardware Electromechanical always inves

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On July 26 morning, terminal market of major of Electromechanical of hardware of southwest of the Duan Guizhou austral golden in relief highway sends festal atmosphere, come from domestic and international the practice celebration that leader of concerned department of chairman of chamber of commerce of Hunan of more than 30 province, city of delegate of hundreds famous manufacturer, whole nation and Hunan Province, Guizhou Province enters this market, as we have learned, this market basically manages: The worker worker such as cable of mine equipment, hardware, lamp act the role ofing, wire is civil equipment product. It is current southwest the market of hardware Electromechanical major with the biggest, the most all ready breed, leader attending the meeting builds to this purpose, offerred sufficient affirmation.

Estate of look forward to of Hunan of the chairman of chamber of commerce of Hunan of development business Guizhou Province that occupies this project, Guizhou develops limited company legal person Mr Liu to introduce: "In Guiyang municipal Party committee, municipal government affirmatory construction big Guiyang develops the strategy when, my company builds the program of trade corridor in Jin Yang to cooperate municipal government, defined investment this project, this project covers an area of more than mus 130, floor area 80 thousand more than square metre, always invest 280 million yuan of RMBs. This market is the first project that at present trade corridor builds, situation is advantageous, communication is easy, what Guizhou Party Committee of all levels, government got in the process is develop to support energetically in the project, my company will act on the good faith solidarity, spirit of enterprise that conspires development, gather together Hunan Guizhou culture and wisdom, prosperous market economy. Increase investment further, for western big development, build good Jin Yang to give a power " .


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