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De Yang: Make " equipment of Chinese great technology creates base "

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On July 26, attend " Sichuan of glamour of perfect China · " group comes the reporters that the net goes up to De Yang to undertake visiting, interview. The development state of affairs of development of technology of the fundamental condition that city leadership waited for to introduce De Yang south Hao Yue of head of a department of members of standing committee of heart open municipal Party committee, propaganda and industry, tourism, economy.

Say south Hao Yue, de Yang is the burgeoning industry city that with great skill equipment manufacturing industry is a delegate one, the De Yang that with China 2 heavy, Oriental electric machinery, Oriental turbine is a delegate equips manufacturing industry, through 40 old development, had quite the industrial system of dimensions. By 2001, heart open municipal Party committee, municipal government is on in-depth survey and the foundation that analyse argumentation, made a De Yang building " equipment of Chinese great technology creates base " decision-making. 2006, implementation of manufacturing industry of equipment of heart this world raises a cost 9.01 billion yuan, grow 3.5 than 2002 times, occupy industry of above of whole town dimensions to raise a cost 40% .

De Yang henceforth development target of 5 years: "Strive two years to have new breakthrough, go up 4 years new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, make arduous efforts to realize comprehensive well-off, make construction of heart this world base of manufacturing industry of equipment of China of first-rate of environment of house of best, person mixes investment poineering environment Sichuan economy strong city.

On the meeting, be opposite in the light of media " major equipment base " the query of construction, heart in relief city expresses about the leader, de Yang will be driven form whole set of equipment of natural gas of great metallurgy equipment, major power plant, oil wait for catenary of industry of manufacturing industry of 9 old equipment, ability of the innovation capacity that exert oneself increases manufacturing industry of De Yang equipment, compositive form a complete set and core competition ability, equipment makes industry group be being formed.

Its are main act is, accelerate advance construction of base of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry. Capture a country to expand the opportunity of advanced manufacturing industry energetically, support reshipment bibcock industry further, extend development space, strengthen international to cooperate, enhance research and development and technical innovation ability, enhance core competition ability; Rely on advantage industry and bibcock enterprise, outspread industry chain, do well cooperation of form a complete set, do make group of old equipment industry by force, make De Yang become base of manufacturing industry of equipment of Chinese great technology. V

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