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Ocean of solar energy wind energy can hold archipelago of sea of big company com

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Long sea is located in in Yellow Sea, area of region of land of composition of 142 islands, the sliding weight of a steelyard, reef 119.24 square kilometer, suit people to live, the islands of production, life is less than 30. Cable is extended by the mainland to island, what cross the sea because of its and display electric energy more is precious. Nowadays, solar energy, wind energy, marine can these new energy resources that ever were paid no attention had begun to be fishing family benefit.

Solar energy look is visible

On July 19 early morning, town of island of big long hill was broken through day after day mist brume, showed beautiful scene, the people that takes a walk in park of sea of annulus of long sea county always cannot help looking up Xiang Honghua guesthouse is upstairs look, water heater of 27 solar energy, arrange closely go up in not commodious building top, very grand.

One recieves ability only the small guesthouse of 100 much people, why to install so much water heater at a draught? Hotel manager Li Jiahua says, what guesthouse installs previously is electric water heater, everyday charge of electricity is in 600 yuan of above, still from time to time the exorbitant voltage bear when because of power supply circuit cannot bear to be used at the same time, can stagger only use time, bring a lot of inconvenience to the guest. For from go up at all solve a problem, guesthouse threw 120 thousand yuan last year, went up group water heater, everyday can hot water of harbour high temperature 6 tons, satisfied 24 hours to use hot water not only, OK still and contented kitchen uses hot water. Still can save charge of electricity everyday 300 yuan. Bits of a year many time can call in the investment of solar energy water heater.

The sea islander that with boss of Hong Huabin house Li Jiahua has same think of a way is absent a few. In recent years, solar energy water heater accepts favour fully on the island, walked into home of common common people increasingly. No matter be newly-built villa, still be vintage building, the form everywhere of solar energy water heater is visible. What swim as island fishing home is arisen, when fishermans are improving oneself to recieve a condition, regard first selection as water heater of installation solar energy almost. Some time ago, long sea county grew hill island Yang Jiacun one day to install water heater of 8 solar energy newly greatly. Try out of blessing of heart of king of boss of fishing home inn a few hind, meet the person tells gladly: "Still be this plays art convenient! Need not report, put water much, give water fast, tourist of so as to save still must queue up to the bath. Tourist of so as to save still must queue up to the bath..

As we have learned, only the long sea county of 779 people, already had on solar energy water heater 1000 at present.

Growing the of great capacity, solar energy still is applied among production of sea curiosa grow seedlings. Last year, the Zhen Lushui of sea of big company commander that is located in marine island to go up produces limited company to install thermal collector of vacuum tube solar energy 10 groups 30, aperture area 634 square metre, can add for sea boiler circulation continuously lukewarm, make sure grow seedlings production heats need. After using this system, the enterprise is annual but section coal 300 tons, section report 30 thousand kilowatt hour, managing expenditure 200 thousand yuan.
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