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Oil lights gas company to enter in advocate Zhuhai conduit burns gas

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Differ with the way that wholesale profit gets only before this, oil group begins seek in retail profit. By borrow advocate Zhuhai conduit burns gas, this group can realize this one dream.

He Ning of members of standing committee of Zhuhai municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor gets stuck to make an appointment with ceremonially to say in the autograph that day, conduit lights gas collaboration project to sign is the new breakthrough that Zhuhai introduces strategic investor about. Right of administration makes over the first pace that is this collaboration, group of the oil in the hope continues to take industry dominant position and resource advantage into Zhuhai, the investment that increases pair of Zhuhai builds strength.

Oil lights gas company in by in oil pipeline bureau is contributive 90 % , northeast pipeline company is contributive 10 % hold water.


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