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Yantai extend sewage treatment plant rejects to be discharged to the sea black

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At present, yantai urban district two big sewage treatment plant upgrade, extend project is being advanced steadily, sewage treatment plant of cotton padding bay upgrades the project will move at trying by July next year, laborious brings project of extend of river sewage treatment plant, will at next year finishing in April devoted try move. At the appointed time, ability of our city sewage disposal will produce revolutionary change, implementation takes off azotic target except phosphor, achieve pollutant discharge standard of national town sewage treatment plant.

"We stand in the sea actually. " come to sewage treatment plant of cotton padding bay on the west side on the land of one hundred and fifty-six thousand five hundred square metre, chu Guobin of deputy section chief of division of this plant technology says to the reporter: "Here is former it is maritime space, form sewage treatment plant of cotton padding bay via filling the sea to make the land 2 period the foundation of extend project. The construction work of this project shows already start working, 2 times sedimentation basin completes work of the precipitation that dig a well, picket of aeration tank canal is static press 600, of biology pool fight unplug picket also is buried set finish, whole earth builds construction general at the end of the year finishing. Whole earth builds construction general at the end of the year finishing..

Capability of processing of raw sewage of sewage treatment plant of cotton padding bay is 250 thousand tons / day, handle via one class (gravitational precipitation, after COD cuts down 30%) , among them 210 thousand tons deep-sea discharge, after 40 thousand tons are handled via biology processing and deepness again, answer use at industry low use water character. As standard of new national environmental protection carry out, the one class processing of this factory discharges sea craft already the requirement of rule of law of environmental protection with current short of, must handle establishment to undertake 2 class handle extend to transform to existing one class. Sewage treatment plant of cotton padding bay upgrades project, extend 160 thousand tons / the 2 class of day handle ability, add 40 thousand original tons / 2 level of day handle ability, form 200 thousand tons / the 2 class of day handle dimensions, handle technology with improved A/A/O, water quality giving water reachs a nation after 2 class discharge a standard, emit into deep-sea. In the meantime, to former mud digestive craft project undertakes perfecting, the mud that makes arise gets harmless change, stability changes processing, avoid 2 times to pollute.

River sewage treatment plant is brought in laborious 2 period project spot, the reporter sees the reinforcing steel bar with strong colligation of a platoon, stand tall and upright inside newly-built plant area. According to introducing, this project cent seeks cut of sewage of smooth the city zone to flow to build two parts with plant area. Seek cut of sewage of smooth the city zone to shed a project, main street of the hill austral Mou Ping area has south, north comes 3 hill ave, full-length many meters 14000, pumping station promotion carries sewage classics to bring river sewage treatment plant to laborious. After this project complete, laborious installs river sewage treatment plant to serve area expand into Lai section of section of southern part of division of Ou Hezhi Fu of a mountainous area, Mou Ping, the end seeks the history that nature of the sewage inside smooth the city zone discharges. Plant area construction basically builds content to have live thing pool, fine grille and come back shed the grit chamber, pump room that discharge the sea to wait. In the meantime, collect laid sewage outside the factory and carry conduit 16.469 kilometre, build 40 thousand tons / day foul water promotes pumping station, change extend 80 thousand tons / sundial model sewage promotes pumping station. Additional, still need laid to provide way conduit of 1.6 meters sea of platoon of heavy-duty steel tube is close 2.3 kilometre, carry the foul water after processing directly 40 lis of bays that amount to 9 meters of the following, areas to make an appointment with 3 square kilometer to depth of water are discharged inside mixture area. Current, plant area construction already finished colligation of reinforcing steel bar 1900 tons, irrigate build concrete 10000 cubic metre; Outside the factory already laid conduit 8 kilometre; The plumbing that discharge the sea is enrolled at was being finished recently bid, construction unit is doing construction entering the arena to intend the work. Whole project will press a plan in April 2008 finishing try investment to move.
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