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Petrifaction plain is enraged in east be defeated by conduit to begin laid to en

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In petrochemical plain gas east be defeated by conduit to had begun laid. This company relevant personage yesterday to " daily of the first finance and economics " confirm, plain gas east send plumbing near future of hopeful of formal start ceremony hold in Sichuan.

Media says, plain gas east be defeated can be labelled afterwards 3 gorge project, enrage on the west east be defeated, green Tibet railroad, south the 5th big project after water north is moved, basis already by approve " national hair changes appoint about approve plain gas east the ask for instructions that sends a project the item " , to 2010, in petrifaction transports upgrade sea every year natural gas of 1.9 billion stere. With what dominant position holds in Shanghai before this in oil " stand up to sb as an equal " . And in oil, medium the sea is oily Shanghai also will be assembled in when company of gas of this 3 lard goes to the petrifaction in mixing, spread out distribution of respective natural gas business.

The price and in oil keeps balance

In petrifaction is in early started on July 6, 2006 " plain gas east be defeated " early days works. Introduce according to the expert inside course of study, "Plain gas east be defeated " the project predicts to always invest 63.2 billion yuan, divide composition by two, one part is exploration of general phosgene cropland, development and gassing project. Petrifaction is in in obtained partner to be approved formally this year in May, issue 20 billion yuan of long-term national debt, use at developing crucial to its general phosgene field. General phosgene cropland is one of cropland of air of above of 5 the biggest when our country discovers at present 200 billion stere, up to by 2006, reserves of natural gas of accumulative total ascertain achieves 356 billion stere. This will be plain gas east lose the mainest gas source.

In Chen Tonghai of petrifaction predecessor president is inchoate this year meet in Hong Kong media ever said on the meeting, petrifaction hopes to offer tolerance to exceed 10 billion stere to the end of 2008 in, general phosgene cropland can transport the natural gas of 15 billion stere every year 2009. This amount is equivalent to last year the 1/4 of total output of countrywide natural gas.

Plain gas east the another share that lose is what go to Shanghai from general phosgene cropland is long be defeated by cop project. The artery that this plumbing includes 1 to lead to Shanghai, 1 leads to an artery of Henan and 3 branch line that lead to Sichuan, Chongqing and Jiangsu respectively, general of mainstay line Sichuan is smooth - Shanghai, full-length 1647 kilometre, province of province of city of Chongqing of by way of, Hubei, the Anhui province, Zhejiang, Jiangsu is saved. In addition, raise artery to visit Yichang town from Hubei, visit Pu Yang town to Henan; Sichuan of a result in 3 branch line saves inherent cent to lose a station, stop to stand at Dazhou end; The bridge of city of Chongqing of a result makes the same score a county, stop the macrobian area at Chongqing city; The Anhui province of a result announce city, stop at Jiangsu Nanjing. Carry plumbing to exceed 2800 kilometers endlong.
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