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Inbreak again to prevent La Zao revive feed pipe net quickens each other to conn

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The alga that to prevent air temperature elevatory likelihood causes is eruptive wait for sudden incident, lash-up water supply ensures a project to intensifying undertaking below high temperature. The reporter learns from company of town tap water, net each other connects urban feed pipe overall length of conduit of project friend new a section of a highway is 7 kilometers, arrive the day before yesterday, cable installation in conduit is finished basically already, construction gross has achieved 80%% above.

The day before yesterday, construction personnel is carrying high temperature on the head, undertaking Wu Zhong highway is mixed south annulus on the west road the butt joint of two crossing, predict these two paragraphs of construction also will end today. Friendly new way 5 mark paragraph the project will be by the month finishing, at the appointed time the tap water of Wu Zhong area and urban district tells implementation each other. The construction of bamboo garden a section of a highway of communication urban district and conduit of water supply of new and high area also will be at the beginning of the end of this month, next month begin construction. Each other tubal a network connects a project to will promote urban water supply to attemper greatly ability, rise below sudden circumstance reasonable the crucial action that allocates water supply.

To protect water intake water quality, crawl construction also is in intensify undertaking. Too the crawl punish project of water intake of lake gold villa already began construction, construction of crawl of water intake of fishing foreign hill will be in the end of this month is finishing.

On July 18, the quantity of day water supply of company of town tap water already achieved five hundred and fifty thousand six hundred stere, broke through historical record, than water supply of highest last year day the quantity promoted near 35 thousand stere, among them the water supply quantity of one hundred and fifty-three thousand nine hundred stere makes works of photograph town water upper for a time tight water supply situation got the part alleviates. In light of the statistic that offers the hot line that use water from company of town tap water, the user phone amount that reflective north receives to use water strain during height water supply this year already decreased greatly than last year, works of photograph town water still is debugging level further stability is hydraulic, improve water quality. V

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