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Oil lights gas company to enter in advocate Zhuhai conduit burns gas

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The reporter learned from group of Chinese oil natural gas yesterday, conduit of natural gas of subordinate China oil lights gas to invest limited company (abbreviation " in oil lights gas company " ) going to the end of the year and Zhuhai city lighting gas group to sign " cooperative framework agreement " , became a few days ago " equity makes over a contract " . According to this contract, zhuhai lights gas group to light the conduit of 85 % the oil in enraging equity to be made over to light gas company, oil lights gas company to be entered from now on in advocate Zhuhai conduit burns gas.

The reporter learns, except " equity makes over a contract " outside, both sides still was signed jointly " conduit of Zhuhai city town lights agreement of gas project cooperation " .

Oil lights Kou Zhendong of gas company vise general manager to express in, the company develops the stress tripartite face to work after the autograph makes an appointment with: Receive conduit to light gas company staff and asset; Right advocate 64 kilometre old conduit has the city zone detect the overhaul and safe displacement; Between the hill before planning Cong Hengqin to arrive " two stations a gleam of " , make the conduit that goes into town from laid of horizontal musical instrument and existing conduit put through. Predict 2008 the Spring Festival can send natural gas into Zhuhai innumberable families.

According to introducing, zhuhai city conduit lights gas to will be solved above all advocate air feed of the city zone, enclothe to circumjacent division garrison post again, advocate make an appointment with every year of the city zone with tolerance need stere of 6 ten million.

This is medium the first when oil lights gas company to be saved in Guangdong project burning gas. Before this, oil basically is passed in " enrage on the west east be defeated " cop transports natural gas littoral to southeast, but the urban demand as a result of cop upper reaches is too high, guangdong body is in cop terminus often " be discouraged " . These year come, guangdong basically relies on to import LNG (liquefied natural gas) fill demand.

Accordingly, in recent years in oil drive natural gas to development is used and develop the field that product of friendly the sources of energy regards the environment as preferential development, increased natural gas exploration to develop strength. "15 " during, this group discovery and the atmosphere cropland that implemented scale of 8 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two stere, accumulative total increases reserve of natural gas geology newly 1.7 trillion stere, add natural gas reserves newly to be " 95 " 1.8 times during. Came 2005 2006, natural gas crop is successive two years amplitude exceeds 20% .

In above the support of new discovery falls, oil group supplies the ability of Guangdong to increase in. Guangdong regards home as the biggest market of LNG, more capable to bear commercialized natural gas price. Current, the cost of LNG and price exceed conduit natural gas far.
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