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Some of what problem should note when installing valve

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Valve installs a specification
What is the utility that learns recommends valve without fail, undertake an analysis to the environment of place application, such ability decide most agree with the valve with what kind of installation. Before installing correct valve, to prevent attaint valve, assure to develop the character of service of valve adequately, read installation guideline please.

First along conduit of perpendicular direction cut, and burr of nap, purify, measure tubal way.

Use gauze or steel wire brush cleared conduit and cut place, make glow of its metal surface shines. The proposal does not use steel wire cloth with a soft nap or pile on one or either side.

In conduit outside and solder the welding flux on the in-house besmear of the cover, welding flux must be enclothed completely solder the surface. Use welding flux abstinently please.

Want to ensure valve is in open condition. Heat to conduit first. As far as possible much deliver heat valve from conduit. Avoid those who lengthen valve itself to heat time.

The method of solder of silver-colored drill rod: The part that has drill rod solder to need undertakes assembly. If allow the component of the welding flux on besmear to be in erect condition, so the water branch in welding flux evaporates, and dry welding flux falls off very easily, cause exposed metallic surface to be oxidized easily. When undertaking joining assembly, should insert conduit the canal to cover until encounter hold back till. Assembling is to should assure to have prop up firm, make solder of whole drill rod can maintain in unit process of cargo bandling in linear position.

Note: To 1 inch or the valve that bigger nominal opens way, one-time it is more difficult to heat join component heat join component to require temperature to place. To normal temperature maintains on whole large area, two welding torch need below the circumstance normally. The proposal covers area to undertake proper warm-up to whole canal. The proposal uses acetylene blaze to undertake heating to join component. Above all from from valve 1 inch place begins to undertake heating to conduit, surround next circling conduit stone's throw to fluctuate to undertake blaze to conduit alternately roast, rotate with proper point of view conduit, avoid to burn wear conduit. Blaze should move continuously, do not allow to stay on some dot.

Undertake with blaze in the sleeve base of valve roast. Heat should even, the welding flux that undertakes to valve and conduit with blaze the process with roast blaze wants to continue to valve sounds no longer. Not right valve is excessive heat.

Become liquid state when welding flux and when translucent position presents on conduit and valve, begin to undertake blaze advance and retreat along the axes of join component roast, in order to hold join part, especially the heat of place of valve sleeve base.

Use right amount solder: If use linear solder, so right nominal connects diameter to be 3/4 inch valve is about to use 3/4 inch solder, etc. If use solder is too much, so some of solder may have shed conduit to hold back place, jam sealed area. When installing join part, can see solder and follow on current of afterwards of gold of drill rod seam are moved
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