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The type of form of a powerful person that dominates a powerful person or family

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Control valve says to dominate a powerful person or family again, it is to carry out implement main type, adjust through accepting the control signal that controls unit output, operation of motivation of have the aid of goes changing fluid discharge. Control valve is comprised by actuator and valve commonly. If press the power that its match actuator to use, control valve can be divided move 3 kinds for pneumatic, dynamoelectric, fluid, it is the pneumatic control valve of dynamical source in order to compress air namely, it is the dynamoelectric control valve of dynamical source with report, with liquid medium (wait like oil) pressure is dynamic electro-hydraulic move control valve, additional, by its function and character are divided, still bus line of type of electromagnetism a powerful person, electron, intelligence type, spot control valve waits.

The type of form of a powerful person of control valve chooses

The body of a powerful person of control valve is a lot of more phyletic, have direct sheet commonly usedly, form of direct two-seater, horn, diaphragmatic, little flow, 3, prejudicial rotate, type of butterfly form, sleeve, globose etc. When specific choice, can become following considerations:

(Structure of shape of core of 1) a powerful person

The element such as the discharge character that basically chooses according to place and unbalance considers.

(Sex of 2) wear-resisting caustic

When fluid medium it is the suspension juice that contains grain of high concentration abrasiveness when, the inside data of a powerful person wants hard.

(3) is anti-corrosive

Have as a result of medium caustic, choose a structure as far as possible simple valve.

(The temperature of 4) medium, pressure

The temperature when medium, pressure is high and when change is big, the material that should choose core of a powerful person and valve base suffers the valve with little change of temperature, pressure.

(5) prevents flash vaporization and cavitation

Flash vaporization and cavitation arise only in liquid medium. In producing a course actually, flash vaporization and cavitation can form vibration and noise, shorten the service life of valve, because this is when choice valve,should prevent valve to produce flash vaporization and cavitation.

The choice of control valve actuator

Work to make control valve normal, the actuator that deserves to use wants to be able to produce enough output power to make sure height is sealed the open with valve.

Move to the pneumatic of double action, fluid, dynamoelectric actuator, do not have return spring commonly. The size of active force and its moving direction has nothing to do, accordingly, the key that chooses actuator depends on making clear the largest rotational moment of force that outputs force and electric machinery. To the pneumatic actuator of only action, be defeated by those who give force and valve to leave degree about, the force of the occurrence on control valve also will affect athletic character, because this requirement is in of whole control valve open degree of limits to build equilibrium.
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