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Capacity coefficient has main effect in valve use process

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(The 3) destruction to material (erode to body of a powerful person and conduit generation) 

Again from inside afore-mentioned computation, see H1 of the intensity of pressure after producing cavitation erosion and a powerful person has great concern not hard, increase H1 to be able to make the circumstance is changed apparently, improve a method: 
A. Install valve in conduit inferior dot.
B. After valve conduit makes up orifice plate increases resistance. 
C. Valve exit is open, direct reservoir, the space that makes bleb blast is cracked increases, cavitation erosion is reduced. 

Integrated the analysis of 4 afore-mentioned respects, discuss, baconian rise main to brake a powerful person, butterfly a powerful person characteristic and parameter list facilitate choose. Two important parameter are applied in valve in.

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