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Industry of timber of renown a person of extraordinary powers (benefit city) lim

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Industry of timber of renown a person of extraordinary powers is a company of group of a person of extraordinary powers among them a branch. Held water 1997. Major manufactures doors of all sorts of real wood of Heng Fuli series, sincere door and door of fire prevention guard against theft, cover an area of an area to amount to 70 thousand square metre, investment is 200 million yuan of RMBs. Equipment is introduced from Italy and Germany more.
The company already established grown production now many 20 real wood, go all out flower, compound the product line of door of door of high-grade and medium, luxurious wood and fire prevention, guard against theft. Wood of other science and technology and hutch ark product line also had been finished. Product quality amounts to domestic advanced level.
The company always pays attention to environmental protection project, insist to be able to develop policy continuously. Housing materials of product classics country examines central certificate of proof. Belong to product of green environmental protection. Company place produces series of fire prevention door, accord with national level, also accord with flower mark and Singapore standard at the same time.
Company with “ quality the first, the client is consummate ” is a tenet, with “ deal with concrete matters relating to work, enterprising, efficient, innovation, spirit, establish industry model, start international famous brand.

Advocate battalion product or service: Vitreous door advocate battalion industry: Hydraulic press fetterses
Enterprise type: State-owned company manages mode: Type of production
Legal person represents / chief: The company registers the ground: City of Guangdong benefit state
Register fund: 500 thousand yuan - number of 1 million yuan of employee: Person of 201 - 300
The company establishs time: Year turnover: 500 thousand yuan / year - 1 million yuan / year
Year exit forehead: 100 thousand yuan / year - 300 thousand yuan / year main management spot: Yangzhou
Staple market: Management brand:
Main client: Open an account bank:
Bank account: Whether to provide OEM acting treatment: Deny
Number of branch of research and development: Area of workshop of person of 501 - 1000: 0
Quality control: Produce per month a quantity:
Company homepage:

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