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Shanghai is connected honour limited company of hydraulic pressure machinery

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Phone: 021-51872680

 fax: 021-51872690

 legal person represents: TZUN

 is in a city: Shanghai

 detailed address: SHANGHAISHI

 postcode: 200000

 company website: Http://www.parker-fluid.com

 advocate battalion product / service: Hydraulic pressure connect, valve, tube assembly, swivel pipe joint

 manages mode: Type of production, commerce, service

 company describes: Shanghai is connected honour limited company of hydraulic pressure machinery is a major pursues hydraulic pressure system, hydraulic pressure oil cylinder, pneumatic system, high pressure receives the fluid such as assembly of head, valve, tube to join in the high-tech technology that design development, production is made and sells enterprise. In the meantime, company and company of foreign fluid cell built long-term cooperation to concern, the representative sells German PISTER, PH; The fluid of Euramerican hydraulic pressure such as American PARKER joins, at the same time our company still act as agent the component of hydraulic pressure pneumatic of domestic and international well-known company, be like: VICKERS; BOSCH-REXROTH; HAWE; Italian Atos hydraulic pressure yuan parts of an apparatus; British NORGREN; Japanese CKD; SMC pneumatic component; Boreal capital heart reachs Taiwan series hydraulic pump; The hydraulic pressure of famous manufacturer of a powerful person and home. For can better service client, my company stock is much in the inventory of the product such as a powerful person of oil cylinder of high-pressured ball valve, connect, tube, valve, hydraulic pressure, electromagnetism. In the meantime, my company is had inside the power that trade and foreign trade autograph restrict.
The company has stuff 80 more than person, the company sets technical ministry, sale ministry, financial department, production ministry, qualitative check ministry, content to shed a department, strong support and safeguard are provided with carry out hind before making work for the company. Providing one-stop service is our target. The dependability of company product, stability, rationality got the extensive self-identity of broad user. Since the company holds water, hold to “ sincere letter to be this, the management concept that serves the first ” , gained good social reputation with high quality service and masterly technology.
Honour hydraulic pressure grows in competition, formed those who have oneself distinguishing feature to manage concept and business management mode stage by stage in developing a process. Honour the company is passed count a person, cherish person, esteem person manage the end that will realize an enterprise.
Connect honour the development blue print of hydraulic pressure is: the company construction becomes study organization, through inducting new knowledge, new technology ceaselessly, make honour oneself brand. Now: “ builds hundred years honour, wonderful life ” has made model each cause that knows honour person to struggle, this one powerful impetus, will make connect honour hydraulic pressure marchs toward more brilliant future!
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