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Limited company of equipment of Guangzhou city Zhang Hong machinery

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The company holds water to be produced to him research and development from entrance fittings up to now from 1994, make fittings quality is mixed primely price rationalize! The company's perpetual fittings market that develops country jointly with manufacturer of domestic and international fittings, provide the service of cheap of qualitative actor price for consumer. Our company basically produce the drill steel of hydraulic pressure hammer of grab and hydraulic pressure oil cylinder. (the satisfaction of 3 packets of clients after quality makes work reliably is the purpose that we serve)

Advocate battalion product or service: Hammer drill steel, hydraulic pressure oil cylinder, project machine fittings advocate battalion industry: Hydraulic press fetterses
Enterprise type: Privately owned is solely invested the enterprise manages mode: Type of production
Legal person represents / chief: Zhang Xiaohong company registers the ground: Guangzhou
Register fund: 500 thousand yuan - number of 1 million yuan of employee: Person of 51 - 100
The company establishs time: 1994 turnover: 500 thousand yuan / year - 1 million yuan / year
Year exit forehead: 100 thousand yuan / year - 300 thousand yuan / year main management spot: Highway of Zhongshan of area of Guangzhou city the Milky way 1198
Staple market: China, the whole world manages a brand: NTK
Main client: Project machine fittings opens an account bank:
Bank account: Whether to provide OEM acting treatment: Yes
Number of branch of research and development: Workshop area: 0
Quality control: Produce per month a quantity:
Company homepage: Www.gzzhanghong.com

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